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After a slow start in the mid eighties with several unpopular formats, betting on AFL football through Tabcorp and other institutions has grown to a massive seasonal turnover. This partly reflects the growth of the AFL competition into a truly national one, but is also due to the passage of time. Punters take a while to warm to a new form of betting and to familiarise themselves with the format offered. Also, as pools become bigger, some punters who previously could not gamble for the amounts they would like without affecting the odds too much, are able to become involved.

Betting on the AFL competition has a number of things to recommend it.

Firstly, there is a large skill element involved, so it is theoretically possible that if your insight into the game is sufficiently penetrating you can be a long term winner. In fixed returns forms of betting like most casino games this is not the case.

Another important positive associated with AFL football is the 'clean' record of the sport with regard to the integrity of results. Unfortunately this cannot be said of horse and greyhound racing or international cricket.

With this form of sports betting there is also a high level of entertainment value involved, especially if the punter supports the club they are betting on. AFL football is one of the most exciting team games in the world and, like horse racing, there is an atmosphere surrounding the activity that adds an extra level of enjoyment to the gamble. Playing roulette for instance, even if it averaged a theoretically better return, is unlikely to evoke the same pleasure from winning that a well researched prediction borne out in an entertaining football match can produce. to be a winner



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