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At this stage we are only covering Australian thoroughbred horse racing. Harness and greyhound racing are only a small percentage of the current racing market.

Smartgambler's parent company, OZmium Pty Ltd, acquired prominent thoroughbred racing site Pro-Punter in late 2000 and this became the de facto racing arm of Smartgambler.

Before going to Pro-Punter, below is an overview about horse racing in general as viewed from the Smartgambler perspective.

Overview of racing as a gambling activity

Horse and greyhound racing, like the stockmarket and sports betting, can be distinguished from most casino and Lotto based games in that it is possible to gain an edge and be a long term winner by the exercise of skill. It is extremely difficult, however, to become both skilful and diligent enough (in terms of studying the form) to be an overall winner.

The only methodology for winning at the races over the long haul that we find convincing is to be able to accurately frame your own market and then search for 'overs', odds which due to an error, or more often the inaccuracy of the punting public, are overly generous for a particular runner.

If you do not have the time or skills to frame your own market, there are numerous racing sites on the Internet that offer memberships with market framing services or straight tipping. We looked at a few of these when we first set up this site and were generally not impressed. Many of them charge exorbitant amounts or make extravagant claims which cannot be substantiated. We are open to feedback on such sites.

Racing syndicates

Another more exotic way of gambling on horse racing is to join a syndicate and actually own a part share in a race horse, in the hope of profiting through stake winnings or eventual breeding fees. Although not cheap (usually several thousand dollars per share plus ongoing training and agistment costs) this hobby is nevertheless within the financial reach of most ordinary people. Just don't bank on making a profit. If that happens it's a bonus!

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