Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who owns this website?

This website Smartgambler, our horse racing website Pro-Punter and our poker website The Holdem Lounge are all owned by OZmium Pty Ltd, a privately owned company based in Melbourne, Australia.

For a short profile of our owner and other information, visit our corporate website.

2. What is your main business? What do you do?

OZmium provides free information aimed at helping sports bettors and horse racing punters to gain a statistical edge over the bookmakers and become long term winning bettors. We also provide all sorts of free betting aids like probability calculators for various games and sports, tables showing the best casino games to bet on, etc.

Over the years we recruited handicappers from all over the world to work for us in pursuit of an edge in various types of sports betting. Handicappers were judged by whether they could demonstrate an edge against the bookies over a statistically meaningful number of bets. The sports we provided handicapping for changed from time to time as a good handicapper in a new sport became available, or one had to leave. Nowadays we have moved away from selling betting information and our income is derived from advertising hosted on our sites and residual affilate commission payments.

3. Which of the sports you handicapped over the years was the best to bet on?

There is no definitive answer to this. Our results from the different sports varied from year to year. Our AFL football and our horse racing groups had the most members, but this perhaps mainly reflected the popularity of those sports in Australia where we are based. Tennis was also quite popular for a while.

Horse racing is hard to win at consistently because of the relatively larger take by the bookies, who sometimes run their books to greater than 125%, compared to around 5% or even less on most other sports. However, in racing, because of the large fields and long odds available which increases complexity, there is a greater difference in the skill level of punters and therefore greater potential to exercise skill to overcome the bookies theoretical edge. You just need to be much better relatively than the next person to win consistently.

Tennis has traditionally been a good sport to bet on for various reasons. Many punters lack in-depth knowledge of any but the highest profile players and even some of the bookies seem to regularly get it wrong. There are lots of variables in tennis including motivational factors, injuries, court surfaces, weather conditions, fatigue and so forth, so it lends itself to skilful analysis. However, bookies are much more accurate now than they used to be.

AFL football was quite profitable for us early on, but less so in later years. The market seems to attract a certain percentage of emotional money, which is not smart money. The bookies tend to be pretty accurate these days, but weight of money occasionally causes some strange lines which can be exploited.

Golf provided us with excellent long term profits, but it requires great discipline and patience because many of the bets are on long shots (taking one individual against the field) and there can be long losing runs followed by a big winner. In this respect it is even more demanding of a strong character than horse racing. Like tennis, we have had some excellent golf handicappers, but they are hard to hang on to.

In the final analysis, all major sports are beatable with sufficient skill, and that's what we are here to promote. The best idea usually is to choose the sports you most enjoy following. That way, winning money is not the only source of enjoyment!

4. You seem to promote a lot of online casinos and other gambling products. Do you genuinely endorse them all?

No. Most of them are paid advertisements and we don't endorse them any more than a newspaper endorses the commercials it carries. We just provide real estate for them to hang out their signs.

5. Do you have any job opportunities in your company?

We're not really a big employer. Our business model is to automate things and try to minimise overheads and create semi passive income streams where possible. When necessary we use consultants, not salaried employees.

6. Would you consider selling any of your websites or forums?

Yes, we are open to new business partners and/or stakeholders and would also entertain offers for our websites at the right price.


If you have a question that may be appropriate to post in this section, please e-mail our managing director, Guy West.




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