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Free sports betting tips and advice. Poker strategy and analysis on other beatable forms of gambling. AFL football handicapping for a long term betting edge. Beating online casinos and land based casino games such as blackjack and slots. Useful tools, tables and simulations for serious bettors.

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Ratings2Win horse racing software and selection Packages are now available. The most powerful horse racing software publicly available!

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AFL Football
AFL betting using computer modelling by Professor Stephen Clarke, the man with a PhD in football statistics. Join the Australian Rules betting group that once forced bookmaker to close down betting on two AFL football matches! 2015 season memberships now available.

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Horse racing
Australian thoroughbred horse racing tips are available through our racing arm Pro-Punter.  Long term success since 1998. Free newsletter, accurate ratings. Free

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Gambling related essays and reports
Fascinating insights and news from Andrew W Scott, one of Australia's most successful professional gamblers.

Online Poker
A big section on Texas Holdem, poker essays, poker news and a question and answer section.

The Holdem Lounge
We also own our own specialist Texas Holdem website with rakeback offers, best joining bonuses, news, hand odds calculator and other features.

Texas Holdem odds calculator
Poker simulator where you can key in various hand configurations and find out the exact odds for each player.

Games calculator
Download this macro enabled Excel spreadsheet to calculate the exact odds for plays in games such as backgammon, bridge and poker.

Tennis betting calculator
Download this macro enabled Excel spreadsheet to calculate odds for various tennis betting plays.

Blackjack articles and a question and answer section run run by famous Australian card counter Andrew W Scott.

Probability based attacks
Mathematics expert Dr Tristan Barnett discusses statistical methods of beating various games and sports.

Best odds comparison
Sports betting news and odds.

Picks Warehouse
Buy sports betting tips, sell your own tips and compare the results of different commercial tipsters.

Free sports tipping competitions for a wide range of sports.

Sports betting forums with lively discussion on sports betting, racing, poker, etc. Best Australian gambling forums.

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Some very good sports betting and racing sign up bonuses from online bookmakers. The online betting market is highly competitive and bettors can currently get new account bonuses that may be looked back on with nostalgia in the future!

AFL probability calculator
Read the essay before using the calculator!

Sportsbook Review
Fearlessly rates online bookies and warns of the duds.

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Sportsbet Australia
Excellent online bookmaker offering competitive sports betting and horse racing odds.
Regular promotions with all sorts of special deals and rebates.

William Hill Australia
Australia's biggest online bookmaker. Great odds and competitive specials. Currently offering a matching bet up to $700!

Betfair Australia
Offering in-run betting on Australian group 1 races.
Back or lay horses. Bet on any sporting event!

Being a smart gambler means that you have to do a little research by reading some casino reviews before depositing at a reputable site like Casino Listings.

Find the best reviews of online casinos, horse racing gambling and online gambling bonuses, with a $1,000 deposit  guarantee.

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Get generous cash bonuses at Party Poker.

If you fancy a game of roulette check out for exclusive bonuses to UK casinos. is the new home of the 123racing Pick6 wager pools and other similar handicapping contests. Visit 123 bet today!

Bingo Get the latest Bingo news, reviews and advice at a popular Bingo portal.

Suomen Nettikasino is one of the oldest and trusted casino portals in Finland. helps you find the best online casino you have ever seen, by giving you all the information you need to know which one meets your needs the most.

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Visit Germany's best online casino portal,! The site has news, reviews and great welcome offers available.

Read our essay about big Bingo wins

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The best online casinos and gambling guides:
1. Online Blackjack
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5. Online Poker

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If you are a normal recreational punter, Smartgambler advises against gambling. The odds are stacked against you. Occasional recreation for affordable stakes is fine, but gambling must be recognised as a losing proposition unless you are prepared to research your chosen area or get information from experts.

Australians are gambling away somewhere in the vicinity of $20 billion per year, with massive poker machine losses leading the way. This is far too much! Gambling losses in Australia have risen much faster than inflation over the past decade, so we are betting more as the avenues for gambling increase. Clearly though, we are not betting smarter!

Professional poker players will hunt out weak players, or 'fish', to provide the best profits, so online poker AU sites with fish are in high demand. Casino gambling however, is conducted against a computer, so players normally look for big welcome bonuses and regular promotions.

If you do want to punt, Smartgambler will show you how to bet to win.

Smartgambler provides information that can improve your rate of return in your gaming pastime of choice or convince you to switch to a better value form of gaming. We provide mathematical comparisons of the different types of gambling with statistics, information and advice from our experts to help you do better.

Smartgambler features news, articles, useful gambling tools, special new account bonuses for punters and lively discussion on our popular gambling forums. Browse the menu, top left, to find the sections of most interest to you.

Smartgambler betting philosophy

This was nicely summed up by one of our first sports betting clients.

'Personally I adopt a gambling philosophy similar to that supported by blackjack expert Arnold Snyder. He calls it the Zen of Blackjack and it basically states that winning or losing is not important, in fact it's completely irrelevant. All that matters is making perfect bets and playing perfect hands, time after time after time.

Alternatively you could use the train of thought popular in sales, where they work the numbers and consider that every call is making them money, whether they get rejected or not. They know that over time, they'll earn x dollars per call, therefore every phone call is worth x dollars. Similarly, every positive expectation bet you make is earning you money, win or lose.'

Don Nguyen. April 2002.

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