Probability based attacks 

Smartgambler's expert on probability based attacks is Dr Tristan Barnett

For information about Dr Barnett's qualifications, areas of specialisation, or to contact him, visit his website at

Probability is a convenient way of defining events that occur with uncertainty. For all areas mentioned below, visit Strategic Games.

Casino Gambling Applications
Know the probabilities and house-margins of games before going to a casino. You can learn the techniques for Blackjack or learn how to gain an edge in Video Poker.

Backgammon and Bridge
Backgammon involves rolling dice and Bridge involves the turn of the cards. Despite the chance element that arises from dice and cards, backgammon and bridge are games that involve complicated and interesting strategies. Learn the probability tables for Backgammon, bridge and poker with our games calculator.

Sports Betting Applications
Find out how to gain an edge over the bookmakers, or experiment with the most effective tennis calculator ever produced.



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