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Archived gambling related essays and reports by Andrew W Scott

Andrew W Scott is one of Australia's best known blackjack players and trained over a thousand players to be successful card counters at his Melbourne based training academy. He was gambling correspondent for and has played in some of the worlds premier poker events, including the $10,000 buy-in 2007 WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas.

Andrew is a high stakes advantage play gamer, 'known' to many casinos and an embodiment of the Smartgambler philosophy of using skill and intelligence to launch probability based gambling attacks.

For more information about Andrew, visit his website.

The essays and reports below still make very interesting reading, even today.

Essays and Reports

Jan 27th 2009 (The Long Run - Part 4)

Dec 11th 2008 2008 Wrap Up (The Long Run - Part 3)

Oct 14th 2008 Macau Magic (The Long Run - Part 2)

Aug 1st 2008 The Long Run (Part 1)

Sep 18th 2008 Pokerstars Asian Pacific Poker Tour Macau, High Rollers event

Nov 30th 2007 Big Game Poker comes to Sydney

Oct 29th 2007 Poker's chink in the Great Wall

Oct 8th 2007 High Roller rolled - Is Crown next?

Sep 13th 2007 DPP takes over Tabcorp prosecution, then drops it

Jul 10th 2007 Clear and present danger for Tabcorp's NSW casino licence?

Jun 17th 2007 Second casino for NSW?

Jun 15th 2007 A bizarre barring by Jupiters

Jun 7th 2007 The Bettor, the Bookie and the Banker

Jun 1st 2007 James' Crown expands and expands...

May 4th 2007 Crown Casino price gouges - again!


2007 WSOP Main Event Reports

Jul 18th 2007 The Last Steps of the Big Dance... report number 12

Jul 18th 2007 WSOP Main Event report number 11

Jul 16th 2007 And The There Were Nine... report number 10

Jul 16th 2007 WSOP Main Event report number 9

Jul 15th 2007 Last Woman Standing... report number 8

Jul 15th 2007 WSOP Main Event report number 7

Jul 14th 2007 WSOP Main Event report number 6

Jul 13th 2007 WSOP Main Event report number 5

Jul 12th 2007 WSOP Main Event report number 4

Jul 10th 2007 WSOP Main Event report number 3

Jul 8th 2007 WSOP Main Event report number 2

Jul 6th 2007 WSOP Main Event report number 1

Jun 5th 2007 Preamble to the World Series of Poker




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