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The Nine Worst Tattoos from Losing a Bet

From Gina Hutchings.
June 2016.

Gambling can be good fun, a light hearted game of poker or a turn at the roulette table can really get the adrenaline pumping; but nothing stops this rush like losing. Many losses can be rationalised by telling yourself 'it's only money', however there are those who have taken gambling a step further, betting not with their wallets, but with their skin.

It is a growing trend to ridicule the loser of a bet with an embarrassing tattoo, a ritual even celebrities take part in. The bets are usually placed with, so-called, friends who will bet against a sporting outcome, a game of rock, paper, scissors or even enter into drunken bets nobody remembers the next day.

After seeing the following nine worst tattoos as a result of losing a bet you will stop gambling with 'friends' and stick to betting in an online casino, where nobody will physically scar you for life.

9. Face your Loss Head On




What's worse than losing a bet where the outcome is a permanent reminder etched on your skin? Getting the person's, who you bet against, face tattooed on you. Fall Out Boy Bassist Pete Wentz bet that in Cobra Starship's song 'Good Girls Go Bad' went platinum the front man, Gabe Saporta, could pick any tattoo for the bassist to get on his leg. Wentz lost the bet and now has a portrait of Saporta on his legs with the inscription 'Gabey Baby Made Me Go Bad.'



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