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World Series of Poker Main Event... Report number 4

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

July 12th 2007

Day 2A: Tuesday 10 July
The 1,032 survivors from days 1A and 1B played on day 2A.

Players included 2005 winner Joe Hachem, TV talk show host Montel Williams, Jane Gold (mother of last yearís winner Jamie Gold), 1998 winner Scotty Nguyen, "Miami" John Cernuto, 2006ís highest female finisher Sabyl Cohen, respected pro players Evelyn Ng and Tony G, movie director Todd Phillips, 1983 winner and nice guy poker author Tom McEvoy, "Everybody Loves Raymond" star Brad Garrett, actress Deanna Dozier, poker playing attorney Mark Seif, 2006 final table player Doug Kim, 2006 runner up Paul Wasicka, 1996 winner Huck Seed, Australian gambling legend Gary Benson, 1995 winner and chess master Dan Harrington, Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon, WSOP player of the year Tom Schneider, flamboyant Australian Sam Khouiss and 1978 winner and Las Vegas legend Bobby Baldwin.

Players from this group eliminated included Montel Williams, Joe Hachem, Jane Gold, Mark Seif, Doug Kim, Paul Wasicka, Tony G, Sabyl Cohen, Evelyn Ng, Tom Schneider, Tom McEvoy, "Miami" John Cernuto, Deanna Dozier, Doug Kim and Dan Harrington.

Play was stopped early just past midnight, when the number of players reduced to precisely 350. This is so that days 2A and 2B can be combined fairly on day 3, with all players playing together as one down to the magic number of 621 players. All players finishing in the top 621 will receive prize money.

Amongst the 350 survivors were:

1st Jeff "The Rain" Banghart 570,100
2nd Jeff Weiss 550,000
3rd John Monves 549,800
4th Tuan Lam 538,500
5th Bradley Ellis 509,400

44th Huck Seed 280,500
204th Sam Khouiss 120,600
229th Scotty Nguyen 107,200
318th Gary Benson 44,200

Day 2B: Wednesday 11 July
The 1,303 survivors from days 1C and 1D played on day 2B.

Players included poker pro and author Daniel Negreanu, 2006 final tablist Allen Cunningham and his longtime girlfriend Melissa Hayden, the oldest player ever to play in the WSOP, 94 year-old Jack "Jeffrey" Ury, Seinfeld star George Constanza (sorry, Jason Alexander), Tony Hachem (brother of 2005 Aussie winner Joe Hachem), Rick Salomon (the male star of the high-brow artistic production, "One Night in Paris"), poker loudmouth Humberto Brenes, 2002 winner Robert Varkonyi, 2000 winner Chris "Jesus" Ferguson, poker author Avery Cardoza, blind player Hal Lubarsky, Celine Dionís husband Rene Angelil, Todd Brunson (son of poker living legend Doyle Brunson), 2001 winner Carlos Mortensen, poker pro Gus Hansen, 2003 winner Chris Moneymaker, Australian father and son duo Leo and Gary Boxell, Cindy Longoria and Australians Angie Giannino, Kit Manoez and Julian Powell.

Players eliminated on day 2B included Allen Cunningham, Jason Alexander (he experienced major chip shrinkage, in the end it was not the Summer of George), Rene Angelil, Chris Moneymaker, Jack "Jeffrey" Ury, and Rick Salomon.

Amongst the 447 survivors were:

1st Gus Hansen 622,300
2nd Hevad Khan 592,500
3rd Brent Sheirbon 529,300
4th Markus Gonsalves 512,400
5th Robert Nehorayan 505,700

17th Kit Manoez 405,700
24th Julian Powell 358,800
78th Leo Boxell 258,700
85th Carlos Mortensen 254,700
142th Robert Varkonyi 182,700
172nd Chris "Jesus" Ferguson 160,900
298th Humberto Brenes 94,700
309th Todd Brunson 90,600
355th Angela Giannino 64,500
380th Cindy Longoria 55,100

Now that day 2A and 2B have concluded, the remaining 797 players (from the 6,358 starters) will play as one on day 3, with play commencing at the eleventh level. Play will be tight, as many will be desperate to survive to the top 621 and make it into the money. The winner will receive US $8,250,000, and the top five players over US $1,000,000. 621st place will receive US$20,320, but 622nd place and lower will receive a bit fat zero!


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