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World Series of Poker Main Event... Report number 9

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

July 16th 2007

Day 6: Sunday 15 July
Of the 6,358 starters, only 36 remained at the start of day 5.

Those 36 men are:

1 David Tran California 10,280,000
2 Philip Hilm Cambridge 9,950,000
3 Ray Henson Houston, TX 8,250,000
4 Hevad Khan Poughkeepsie, NY 7,585,000
5 Kevin Farry Pearl River, NY 7,400,000
6 Scott Freeman Oak Park, CA 7,360,000
7 Lee Childs Reston, VA 6,520,000
8 Jerry Yang Temecula, CA 5,090,000
9 Kenny Tran Arcadia, CA 4,955,000
10 William Spadea South Easton, MA 4,575,000
11 Tuan Lam Canada 3,600,000
12 Lee Watkinson Cheney, WA 3,500,000
13 Stefan Mattsson Stockholm, Sweden 3,260,000
14 Raymond Rahme Johannesburg, South Africa 3,100,000
15 Ron Kluber Seoul, South Korea 3,070,000
16 Bill Edler Las Vegas, NV 2,680,000
17 Jon Kalmar Chorleyville 2,665,000
18 John Armbrust Austin, TX 2,600,000
19 Peter Darvill Vancouver, BC 2,430,000
20 Hoa Nguyen Fairfax, VA 2,205,000
21 Bob Slezak Omaha, NE 2,115,000
22 Jason Welch Fort Collins, CO 2,115,000
23 Steven Garfinkle Bellingham, WA 2,115,000
24 Jeff Bryan Fort Calhoun, NE 2,100,000
25 Mikkel Madsen Copenhagen, Denmark 2,080,000
26 Christian Togsverd Copenhagen, Denmark 2,030,000
27 Daniel Alaei Las Vegas, NV 1,995,800
28 Scotty Nguyen Las Vegas, NV 1,960,000
29 Ryan Elson Canton, OH 1,785,000
30 Paulo Loureiro New York, NY 1,645,000
31 Alex Kravchenko Moscow, Russia 1,555,000
32 Jason Koshi Los Angeles, CA 1,175,000
33 Roy Winston Brooklyn, NY 1,071,000
34 Allan King San Diego, CA 1,000,000
35 Kevin Kim Los Angeles, CA 610,000
36 Robin Bergren Saskatoon, SK 520,000

Only one former winner remained in the field, 1998 winner Scotty Nguyen. This is the business end of the tournament. Every player remaining will cash for at least $285,678, but there is the chance to cash for a whole lot more than that, right up to the $8.25 million first prize. Play will go down to 9 players, no matter how long it takes. This will prove to be a long, long time. It is the most gruelling day of the tournament so far. Play begins just after 12 noon, at the twenty-fifth level, with blinds at 30,000/60,000 and an ante of 10,000. The average stack is 3.53 million.

We lost two players in the first hand. Robin Bergen, the shortest stack in the field, moved all-in under the gun with 10-6 offsuit. Unfortunately he ran into Alan King, another short stack with a pair of Queens who called. Roy Winston, who only just had King covered, also went all in with Ace-King, and King called. The flop came A-10-4, the turn A and the river K. It was all over for Bergen and King.

36th Robin Bergen, Saskatchewan, Canada ($285,678)
35th Allan King, Tacoma, WA ($285,678)

Hoa Nguyen raises to 160,000 on the button, and gets called by Lee Childs in the big blind. The flop comes 3-2-2 with two hearts. Childs checks, Nguyen bets 225,000, Childs raises to 500,000, and Nguyen stops. He quietly thinks for about two minutes, then calls. The turn comes 9 diamonds, Childs bets 450,000, and Nguyen thinks for about a minute before finally calling. There is 2.34 million in the pot. The river is 4 hearts. Childs check, Nguyen moves all in for 1,085,000. Now the pressure is on Childs - did Nguyen hit a flush? Finally after two minutes, Childs calls. Nguyen shows a pair of 5s for fives and deuces, Childs shows Ace-9 for nines and deuces and Nguyen is out.

34th Hoa Nguyen, Fairfax, VA ($285,678)

On the featured ESPN TV table, Christian Togsverd moves all-in from the big blind with Ace-Jack, and gets called by Tuan Lam, with a pair of Queens. Lam flops top set and Togsverd is out. 33rd Christian Togsverd Denmark ($285,678)

Paulo Loureiro raised 200,000 and Kevin Kim moved all-in for his last 700,000. Kim had Ace-King and Loureiro Ace-9. Kim was unlucky to see a 9 on the flop, and then no Ace or King on the turn or river. He was out.

32nd Kevin Kim Los Angeles, CA ($285,678)

Play slows to about six minutes per hand on the ESPN feature table, excruciatingly slow. A big problem in this tournament is the colour of the chips. The 5,000, 25,000 and 50,000 chips are all different shades of orange. It is quite ridiculous. Peter Darvill raises to 180,000 on the button. Bill Edler re-raises to 480,000, and Darvill calls. The flop comes small, 5-3-2 rainbow. Edler moves all in for 2,100,000. Darvill thinks for several minutes, and then makes the call with a pair of 7s. Edler merely had Jack-9 with no flush potential, not even runner-runner. The turn was Ace, but then the six-outer river hit, a nine. Darvill feels sick, and is out.

31st Peter Darvil Coquitlan, Canada ($285,678)

Kenny Tran raises from late position to 175,000, but Jason Koshi moves all-in on the button for 945,000. Tran insta-calls with a pair of Aces, having Koshi's King-7 diamonds easily beat. The board is no help and Koshi is gone.

30th Jason Koshi Los Angeles, CA ($285,678)

Scott Freeman raised from late position to 195,000, and Ron Kluber calls in the small blind. Both players checked the flop which was 8-A-J with two spades. A non-spade 3 came on the turn, and Kluber pushed all-in for 2.8 million. Freeman called and showed Ace-9 to Kluber's Jack-9. The river was no help for Kluber and he was busted.

29th Ron Kluber Aurora, IL ($285,678)

At 2:33pm the twenty-sixth level begins, with 28 men still alive. The blinds are 40,000/80,000 with an ante of 10,000. The average stack is 4.54 million. The chip leader is Lee Childs with 11.68 million. Paulo Loureiro limps in from middle position, Hevad "Rain" Khan calls from the small blind, William Spadea raised to 230,000 from the big blind, Loureiro moves all in for 1,750,000, Khan folds and Spadea calls. Loureiro has the powerhouse pair of Kings, but ran into Spadea's pair of Aces. No help from the board and it's goodnight Mr Loureiro.

28th Paulo Loureiro New York, NY ($285,678)

At 28, there are four tables of seven players. But now that the players are down to 27, there is a redraw for the final three tables, each with nine players. The prize money now kicks up. The fans are all behind Scotty Nguyen. At the TV table, Jeff Bryan limps in one to the right of the button for 80,000, Phillip Hilm raises from the button to 320,000. Bryan moves all-in for 1,375,000 and Hilm calls him with Ace-King. Bryan merely has Jack-10. The flop is Q-7-7, no help to either player. The turn comes 10 and Bryan hits the front. But the river comes J giving Hilm top straight and Bryan is out.

27th Jeffrey Bryan Ft. Calhoun, NE ($333,490)

Roy Winston opens for a 380,000 raise, but Jerry Yang moves all in for 4.1 million. Winston calls with pocket Queens. Yang has Ace-King for the classic race. The flop was A-10-3 all hearts. Neither player had a heart in his hand. When the turn comes 8 of heights, Winston has a chance for a chop is the river comes hearts making the board all hearts. But it comes a blank 6 of spades and Winston is busted.

26th Roy Winston Rancho Mirage, CA ($333,490)

Daniel Alaci moves all-in with Ace-Queen, but is called by Jon Kalmar's Ace-King. The board ran 9 high and Alaci was gone.

25th Daniel Alaci Las Vegas, NV ($333,490)

Ryan Elson and Jon Kalmar check a flop of Q-8-J rainbow, and when the Ace hit on the turn Kalmar check-called a 200,000 bet from Elson. An 8 fell on the river, Elson checked, and Kalmar bet 400,000. Elson moved all-in but Kalmar called him. Elson had 8-9 for trips, but Kalmar had King-10 for the top straight. Elson was out.

24th Ryan Elson Canton, OH ($333,490)

Bill Edler moved all-in for his last 1.9 million in late position with 9-10 and was called by Jerry Yang in the small blind, with Ace-King of spades. No help on the flop for either player, but the turn came an Ace and Edler was history.

23th Bill Edler Las Vegas, NV ($333,490)

At 5:04pm, play resumes at the twenty-seventh level with blinds of 50,000/100,000 with a 10,000 ante. The average stack is now 5.78 million. Stefan Mattson pushed all-in from middle position and was called by Jerry Yang in the big blind. Mattson had 7-9 of clubs and Yang Ace-Jack of spades. Yang hit his spade flush on the turn and Mattsson was gone. Yang's stack increased to around 9 million.

22nd Stefan Mattsson Sweden ($333,490)

Jason Welch moved all-in from early position for 1.55 million and was called by Steven Garfinkle. Welch's Ace-3 unsuited was well behind Garfinkle's pocket Jacks. The board did nothing and Welch headed to the rail.

21st Jason Welch Ft. Collins, CO ($333,490)

Mikkel Madsen had Queen-10 hearts and moved all in for 1.07 million and was called by Raymond Rahme's pocket 9s. The board was no help and Madsen was gone.

20th Mikkel Madsen Denmark ($333,490)

Scott Freeman raised 325,000 from the small blind, John Armbrust raised to 1 million, and Freeman's response was all-in for about 5 million. Armbrust called. It was a race, Armbrust had Ace-King and Freeman pocket 10s. The flop was A-K-3 and Freeman was looking down the barrel of a 2 outer. It didn't come and he was gone.

19th Scott Freeman Oak Park, CA ($333,490)

With only 19 players there were two tables of six and one of seven, but at 18 players there was a redraw to two tables of 9. By this stage, the players had generally all met each other on various tables in the past now, and really got to know each other. The only two tables are the ESPN feature TV table and the second feature table, which is also equipped with hole card cameras.

John Armbrust raises from the big blind to 700,000, and Childs who had limped in re-raises to 1.7 million. Armbrust quickly moves all in for 5.04 million. Childs eventually calls, with Ace clubs-Queen spades. Armbrust has Ace-King of spades, a monster favourite. The flop comes J-7-2, but all clubs! The turn card is the 10 of clubs and it's a sick exit for Armbrust.

18th John Armbrust Austin, TX ($381,302)

The players take a dinner break of almost two hours, to 9pm. At 9:03pm, play resumes at the twenty-eighth level with blinds of 60,000/120,000 with a 15,000 ante. The average stack is now 7.48 million. The Russian Alex Kravchenko moves all-in on the button for 1.95 million. Kenny Tran called from the small blind with Ace-Queen and Kevin Farry called from the big blind with King-Queen of hearts. Kravchenko had pocket tens. The board helped no-one and Kravchenko had Farry covered.

17th Kevin Farry Manassas, VA ($381,302)

Kenny Tran in the cutoff (with a dead button) raises to 350,000, Jon Kalmar in the small blind calls him. The flop is 10-3-6 (2 clubs) and Kalmar checks. Tran bets 500,000 and Kalmar calls. The turn is a 9, again Kalmar checks, Tran bets 1.3 million and Kalmar calls. The river is a 2 of clubs, making three clubs on the board. Kalmar goes all-in. Tran thinks forever and finally Kalmar calls the clock on him. With four seconds to go, Tran calls. Kalmar shows Ace-8 of clubs for the stone cold nuts. Tran is gone, and Kalmar is the new chip leader with 17 million.

16th Kenny Tran Arcadia, CA ($381,302)

Bob Slezak moves all-in from early position for 2.125 million. Raymond Rahme calls him from late positon. Rahme has pockets 7s, sickening Slezak who only has pocket 4s. The board is no help and Slezak's long tournament is over.

15th Robert Slezak Omaha, NE ($429,114)

Tuan Lam raises from the cutoff for 500,000, and David Tran, who had limped in, moves all-in for 2.605 million. With only 12 minutes remaining at the level, the other players get up and start chatting to friends or checking out the other table. Lam continues to study Tran, who sits motionless with his sunglasses on. After a long time, Lam calls, showing Ace-King. Tran has pocket 6s, and the race is on. The flop comes with a 6. The turn and river don't help Tran, and he busts out.

14th David Tran Elmonte, CA ($429,114)

William Spadea raises to 400,000 in middle position, and is met with John Kalmar's 1.2 million raise in the big blind. Spadea moves all-in, Kalmar calls and has Spadea covered. Spadea has Ace-King, but was sick to see Kalmar's pocket Aces. The flop was A-8-8 and Spadea was dead.

13th William Spadea South Easton, MA ($429,114)

At 11:22pm, play resumes at the twenty-ninth level with blinds of 80,000/160,000 with a 20,000 ante. The average stack is now 10.595 million. Ray Henson limps from the small blind for 160,000, Scotty Nguyen raises from the big blind for 500,000. Henson re-raises to 1,175,000 and Nguyen calls. The flop comes K-6-6. Henson checks, Nguyen bets 700,000, but Henson moves all-in! Nguyen quickly calls, showing King-Queen. Henson shows a pair of 9s. The turn and river don't help, and the chips are counted down as Nguyen's and Henson's stacks are very close. Nguyen has Henson covered by just 145,000 and Henson is out. Nguyen is up to about 15.5 million.

12th Ray Henson Houston, TX ($476,926)

Philip Hilm raises under the gun for 480,000, and Scotty Nguyen calls from the big blind. The flop comes Kc-7c-3s, Nguyen moves all-in and Hilm quickly calls. Nguyen shows 10-9 of spades for the flush draw, and Hilm has K-Q. The turn is 2h, the river Qs and the last remaining former World Champion in the tournament is busted. The crowd is distraught.

11th Scotty Nguyen Las Vegas, NV ($476,926)

The final ten players now redraw to move on to one table, but it is not known as the final table. One last player needs to be eliminated to get the field down to nine players, for the official final table which will play on Tuesday. Scotty Nguyen takes the microphone and thanks all the fans in the crowd. The ten final men sit down, all ten now at the ESPN TV feature table. At 2:15am, play resumes at the twenty-ninth level with blinds of 100,000/200,000 with a 30,000 ante. The average stack is now 12.716 million. Play grinds on for two hours, no-one wanting to be the final table bubble boy. Finally, Steve Garfinkle moves all-in from middle position for 3.515 million. Raymond Rahme calls from the small blind. Garfinkle shows Ace-3, but Rahme has pocket Queens. Garfinkle needs an Ace. The flop comes K-Q-J given Rahme a set, but actually giving Garfinkle an extra out as he now needs a ten for the top straight. The turn is 6, the river 2, and Garfinkle is out.

10th Steven Garfinkle Bellingham, WA ($476,926)

Finally, at 4:20am, we have our final table:

Philip Hilm Cambridge, England 22,070,000
Tuan Lam Mississauga, Ontario Canada 21,315,000
Jon Kalmar Chorleyville, Lancashire, England 20,320,000
Raymond Rahme Johannesburg, South Africa 16,320,000
Lee Childs Reston, VA 13,240,000
Lee Watkinson Cheney, WA 9,925,000
Hevad Khan Poughkeepsie, NY 9,205,000
Jerry Yang Temecula, CA 8,459,000
Alex Kravchenko Moscow, Russia 6,570,000

They are fighting for this prize money:

Winner $8,250,000
Runner-up $4,840,981
3rd $3,048,025
4th $1,852,721
5th $1,255,069
6th $956,243
7th $705,229
8th $585,699
9th $525,934

The final days play begins at 12 noon (Las Vegas time) on Tuesday 17 July 2007. You can follow my updates here

2007 Andrew W Scott




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