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Betting attacks currently available:

Smartgambler ATP Tour Package, from professional tennis bettor Tony M.  Big profits for clients already from the 2003 Australian Open.

AFL Football
Computer modelling by Professor Stephen Clarke of Swinburne University, the man with a PhD in football statistics. Join the group that forced to close down betting on two AFL matches!

Computer modelling by Professor Ray Stefani, University of California, Long Beach. Internationally recognised expert in sports prediction covers all English Premier League and Italian Serie A matches.

Rugby League
Computer modelling by Alan McCabe of James Cook University, author of the famous MAIT tipping program. Covers all Australian NRL matches.

Rugby Union
Professor Ray Stefani again, with computer analysis covering all International Rugby Union matches.

Horse racing
Available through our racing arm Pro-Punter.  Long term success since 1998 with track guru Neil Davis.


Browse real e-mails from clients you can actually talk to before buying any package. We provide high quality professional information. 

Coming soon:
Formula One, Cricket, Motosport (bikes), American Football and American Basketball.
We are continually on the lookout to sign experts who can prove a winning edge.
to be informed when available.

Other Smartgambler features:

An exciting real life interactive share trading game with hot tips for market players.

Live prices
Live odds feed with current prices on various international and Australian sports.

Free tipping competitions in your favourite sports.

Browse and order your specialist gambling books online. All subjects.

Scroll down for fantastic sports betting and racing offers from online bookmakers.
The online betting market has never been more competitive and punters can currently get deals that may never be seen again.

If you are a normal recreational punter, Smartgambler advises against gambling. The odds are stacked against you. Occasional recreation for affordable stakes is fine, but gambling must be recognised as a losing proposition unless you are prepared to research your chosen area or get information from experts.

According to the July 2002 Australian Bureau of Statistics report, Australians are gambling away about $13.8 billion per year. This is far too much! Gambling in Australia has risen by about 20% in the past three years and judging from the staggering losses, average I.Q.s must have fallen by the same amount.

If you do want to punt,
Smartgambler will show you how to
bet to win.

Smartgambler provides information that can improve your rate of return in your gaming pastime of choice or convince you to switch to a better value form of gaming. We provide mathematical comparisons of the different types of gambling with statistics, information and advice from our experts to help you do better.
Smartgambler updates regularly, featuring news, articles, special deals for punters and lively discussion on our popular public forums. Browse the menu, top left, to find the sections of most interest to you.

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Great value online racing bookie
Click here to obtain a special deal on thoroughbred betting from IAS Bet. Guaranteed better than best tote odds, 10% new account seeding and more!

Are you mortgage gambling?
This is amazing. Australian company Mortgage Watchdog are guaranteeing money back plus $100 if their software doesn't find bank errors on your mortgage repayments. We asked their boss how they can possibly make this claim and he outlined one 'mistake' that occurs every leap year, just for starters. Take a look at this offer It could save you thousands of dollars.

Reliable, cheap, internet access
Our racing expert dumped a heavily promoted internet service provider after access problems due to proxy server issues and price rises and switched to Smooth. They're cheaper, better and offer friendly support. We are now proudly promoting their service to all Australian internet users.

Smartgambler philosophy

This was nicely summed up by one of our AFL package clients.

'Personally I adopt a gambling philosophy similar to that supported by blackjack expert Arnold Snyder. He calls it the "Zen of Blackjack" and it basically states that winning or losing is not important, in fact it's completely irrelevant. All that matters is making perfect bets and playing perfect hands, time after time after time.

Alternatively you could use the train of thought popular in sales, where they work the numbers and consider that every call is making them money, whether they get rejected or not. They know that over time, they'll earn $X per call, therefore every phone call is worth $X. Similarly, every positive expectation bet you make is earning you money, win or lose.'

Don Nguyen. April 2002.

          Shame File

  • Australia has more than 20% of the world's poker machines.

  • This form of gambling offers pathetic payout percentages to the player. (Around 90%)

  • About 42c in every pokies dollar taken is estimated to come from problem gamblers.

  • Poker machines account for almost two thirds ($8.7 billion) of annual gambling losses.

  • Victorian players alone lost $7.1 million a day in the 2001 - 2002 financial year.

  • The biggest gambling addicts in Australia are revenue hungry governments, pocketing $4.4 billion in gambling taxes in the 2001 - 2002 financial year.

Help with gambling related problems can be accessed under Links

This site is a private initiative and is not affiliated with any government, church or lobby group.

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Stephen Clarke:
Professor Clarke , the man behind the high profile Swinburne Uni footy tipping computer, is continuing his popular AFL football betting package in the 2003 season.
Special now on!

Tennis betting:
Professional tennis tipper Tony M started 2003 in great form, producing big profits for clients from the Australian Open. ATP Tour Package

Competition hot:
The giant Sportingbet group have made an aggressive grab for market share in Australia, offering sports punters some of the best incentives ever to use their services. See their ad on the left hand column of this page.

Soccer betting:
Professor Ray Stefani of Long Beach, California has joined the OZmium panel of sports experts, providing computer analysis on English and Italian premier league soccer.

NRL betting:
Prominent artificial intelligence researcher Alan McCabe has been signed by OZmium to provide computer analysis on Australian Rugby League for the 2003 season. Special now on!

Bookie reneges:
A Darwin based internet sports betting agency, Consolidated SportsBet, has had its license suspended for not paying monies owed. Full story

Super 12s betting:
Professor Ray Stefani turns his highly successful computer modelling to Australian Rugby Union, with packages now available for the 2003 season.
Special now on!
Roulette strike:
16-1-03. A team of sophisticated cheats has reaped massive profits from Casinos Austria by substituting a magnetized ball. Full story


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