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March 2002

Australian Rules Football CAN be beaten.

The growth of sports betting continues apace and at Smartgambler we continue to look at ways of harnessing technology to launch intelligent attacks on sports that are still relatively untapped by professionals.

Our strategic collaboration with sports statistics expert Stephen Clarke of Swinburne University has opened up the possibility of using sophisticated computer simulations to gain an edge in many forms of sports betting, some of which are relatively new.

Whilst work is underway to assess the viability of making money from tennis, cricket and motorsport betting to name a few and initial indications are very promising, Clarke has already demonstrated fairly conclusively through trials over four years that his team have got the measure of AFL football.

Using the mathematically devised Kelly system of staking, the Swinburne team turned a nominal starting bank of $100 into $4,250 with 117 bets spread over four seasons, a result which is statistically valid and highly unlikely to be the result of chance alone.

But as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. This season Smartgambler has begun selling football betting packages utilising Clarke's information and several of our own directors will be staking their own cash to have a crack at it. Our money will most certainly be where our mouths are!


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