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How to play like Dan Harrington in a poker tournament
By June 2006

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then professional and master poker player Dan Harrington should be truly flattered as he is one of the most imitated poker players around. His loose, super aggressive playing strategy has allowed him to make it consistently into the World Series of Poker Championship Event.

Today, many players want to know how they can play like this master. While there is no sure way to become as good a poker player as Dan Harrington, there are ways that less experienced poker players can develop similar poker skills.

The first way is to watch the videos of Dan Harrington's past performance in the World Series of Poker Championship Event. Several of these poker events are now available on VHS and poker DVD at a reasonable rate at Players can watch these past performances and take notes on how he reacts to certain hands, how he reacts to player types and how he reacts to less than perfect and even perfect situations. After watching and learning from these tapes, the player can then try to use Dan's strategies in their own poker games.

Another way that less experienced player can learn to play like Dan Harrington is to read the articles and books that he has written. To find these printed learning tools a player can visit their local library, local bookstore, or visit an online bookstore. Most of these locations have a gaming section where poker references can be found. If the player is short on cash they can also conduct an online keyword search for reprinted articles, book excerpts and play by play transcripts of Dan's games and wisdom.

Another great resource of information on Dan Harrington is to search online for a player profile that highlights the strengths and weaknesses of Dan Harrington's poker style. For example, one online poker player profile described Dan Harrington's best game as No Limit Texas Hold'em, and that his weakness is that he does not like to invest a lot of money on any hand regardless of the strength of the hand. With this information a player can design their No Limit Texas Hold'em strategy to include loose plays that utilize several passive bets instead of a few tight and aggressive moves.

All of the information that is discovered through watching Dan Harrington in action, by reading one of his books or articles, or by reading a player profile online can be used to develop a personalized poker strategy. This strategy should incorporate some of the strategies suggested or used by Dan Harrington with the personal poker playing strengths and preferences of the player in question. It should be noted that not all poker strategies are appropriate for every type of poker game, and the advice given by a professional is usually only helpful for the game and limit structure that they normally play. However, some of the advice given can be useful if it is slightly modified by the player.

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