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Winning at the Best Online Poker Rooms.

By Pokerlistings. August 2006.

To win at the best online poker rooms, first you've got to find the best online poker rooms. While there are many dimensions one could use to determine which one is the best, what you really want to know is which online poker room is the best for you. There are a number of factors which will determine this, and they will not be the same for every player. Some things you might want to consider are the variety of games, the strength of your opposition, and the types of bonuses that are offered. Some sites offer more features for tracking your opponents and the style of the game, which can be very useful. Through observation, trial and error, you should be able to discover which site meets your needs the best, and where you have the most success.

Once you've found that perfect site, how do you put yourself in a position to win? The most important factor in winning at the best online poker rooms is focus. Even at a casino, where you are immersed in poker atmosphere, it is easy to become bored or distracted after many hours of play. Online, this is an even greater danger. Sitting in one place staring at one thing for hours on end can cause one to become numb and distracted. At a time when you might decide to leave a live casino because of fatigue, being at home may make you feel that it is okay to sit and continue playing until long after you should have stopped. Be aware of what your mind and body is telling you. If it is time to quit, it is time to quit. If you find yourself playing hands you shouldn't "just for fun," it is a signal to get up and leave the game for a while. The nice thing about online play is that there will always be a game for you when you are ready to resume.

Take advantage of the site's software for keeping notes on your opponents and statistics on the games. These can be invaluable tools for your success. Unlike live casino games where you never know what you are going to get, you can put yourself in position to be far more prepared than your opponents when you sit down to play a game online. Follow players you think are weak, or whose game you know well. If you can sit down in a game with two or more of these players, you can see your profits skyrocket. Don't worry, most players won't notice that you are following them, and if they do, there isn't too much they can do about it. Most importantly, play smart poker. No amount of tracking or table selection can help you if you don't play as correctly and as well as you can. Play logically, not emotionally, and quit whenever you suspect you are not playing your best game. If you can do that consistently, you can be a winning player online.

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