Virtual Pokies!


If you have lost money playing either online poker machines or the pokies at physical venues, or know someone who has, a great move is to try and switch them (or yourself) to playing virtual poker machines. It's similar to playing the real thing from the comfort of your own home, but owning the machine yourself so that at the end of the day you can empty it out and take your money back!

By way of example, here is a downloadable poker machine game called Totem Treasure that is great fun and will only cost you the few dollars you pay for it.

Click here to download a trial version of Totem Treasure.

Click here to buy Totem Treasure.
Pricing and other information will appear before purchase is completed.

Click here to see a range of other great PokieMagic games. 

Buy a virtual poker machine for a friend who plays the real ones. It will probably be the best present you ever give them!

We emphasize, no real money is won or lost. These are 'virtual games' played on your own software and do not require real money to play once purchased.



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