Casino etiquette

It's embarrassing to sit down to play casino blackjack for the first time as I once did, pick your cards up and find everyone staring at you as the dealer snaps, "Please don't handle the cards, Sir."

We are compiling a list of things you need to know in advance, in order to avoid embarrassment and enjoy your casino experience with confidence, whichever games you choose to play.

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From J.L.
June 18th 2005

I am a Table Games dealer and one suggestion I have is regarding roulette. People playing colour on the outside bets really slows the game down and can make it frustrating for other players who prefer a faster paced game.

Most dealers also find it extremely frustrating for the same reason. Usually if a player is playing the outsides they are playing one or two bets, so there is no need for colour as it is easy to remember which bets are yours.

To explain further, colour chips are chips that only one person has to differentiate one person's bet from another. When people play colour chips on the 'outside bets' (eg Black/Red, Odd/Even, High/Low) it adds to the number of denominations on the layout and significantly slows the payouts on the outside bets since the dealer must now make up five or six denomiantions in the work area before paying, instead of just going out with a stack of, for example, five dollar chips in one hand.

I often have patrons complain that these people slow the game down a lot, as they cannot take their winnings until all the outside bets are paid. Colour chips are also not necessary on the outside bets as people are often making just the one or two bets which are easy to keep track of. Colour is designed specifically for the 'inside' bets.

Casino poker etiquette

Don't say anything about the cards during a live hand, whether or not you are in it. You might give away information that hurts another player in the hand.

Never take your cards off the table, even if you have folded. They must be on the table and visible at all times.

Do not show any emotion as new cards are turned up after folding your hand, as you may give information that can hurt players still in the pot. Wait until after the hand is finished to tell how you folded the winning cards.

In a poker tournament you should keep your higher denomination chips in front or clearly visible so it is easy for other players to count your stack.

Never talk to people who are not at your table during a hand in which your cards are live, especially by mobile phone! This is not just bad etiquette, it can see your hand declared dead.

Don't let your bets sloppily interact with the chips in the pot. This is called splashing the pot.

If someone is contemplating a tough decision during no limit play, don't call time on them until they have taken at least a couple of minutes over the decision. Be sensitive to the circumstances. If there is a lot of cash at stake or a pot that could decide a tournament you should cut them some extra slack.

Don't gloat over large wins or make the losing player feel worse than they already do, like some of the idiots on TV.



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