Blackjack brain teasers

These puzzles were sourced from one of Australia's leading blackjack card counters, who wishes to remain anonymous. If you would like to submit a solution to either or both the puzzles, e-mail guywest_at_ozmium_dot_com_dot_au

Puzzle 1

A high stakes blackjack player is playing at a $500 minimum table, just one box on his own.

His only information is from a simple plus - minus count.

During one hand he places an insurance bet on a negative count.

He is not playing for disguise.

Question: What circumstances could justify this play?

Puzzle 2

A gambler walks into an Australian casino (no hole card, no surrender option) and plays one hand in one box, on his own.

He never bets less than $25 or more than $100.

Every play he makes is in units of $25, ie he might bet $50 but not $40.

Should there be a split, full or partial double and/or an insurance bet they would all be in $25 units or multiples.

He walked away after his one bet and rang a friend who knew exactly how he stakes his bets and advised him of the monetary result (how much he won or lost) of the hand.

From just that information the friend worked out the number of cards used in the hand.

Question: What was the monetary result of the hand and how many cards were used?

Note: There is just one correct answer that only allows for one specific number of cards.

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