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Are developers and casinos finally addressing the social side of slots?

From Alex Lennox.
February 2021.

Slots may be the most popular casino games on the planet, but they have always represented a rather personal gaming experience. Times are changing, though, and it seems that developers and online casino operators are addressing this lack of a social side. By making slot games a more communal experience, the popularity of the offerings could be set to rise even more. Here are some of the ways that slots are becoming more sociable.

Pokies Tournaments

One of the main ways that operators have tried to bring out the social side of slots is through online tournaments. There are free pokie tournaments with real money prizes for players to take part in, and they provide an opportunity for people to socialise while enjoying the games at the same time. The list of casinos offering these events is growing, and now players have numerous options to choose from.

This form of playing slots could inspire other online casino operators to follow suit. The main way to attract players at the moment is through variety and ensuring that there are familiar titles available. However, if online casinos can market their slots as social games as well, they could broaden their playing demographic even more.


Slot Streamers On Twitch

There are other ways that slots have become more sociable in recent years. Twitch may be best known for video game streaming, but there has also been a rise in online casino streamers. Indeed, slots make it into the top 30 most-watched categories on the game streaming channel regularly.

One of the reasons why people like to watch slots streamers on Twitch is so they can find out how to play games, what the best new titles are, and what pay-outs can be expected. But on top of that, they have also become live forums for slots players to discuss the games and share their fortunes with one another.

When watching a slots player on Twitch, it can almost feel as though you are playing the game with them. By chatting and staying active in the discussion, it allows viewers to share the emotional journey that comes with each spin of the reels.

What Could Be The Next Step?

Now that slots are starting to gain an association with being sociable, developers may decide to look into ways to advance this even further. It would not be surprising to see some social elements being built into the games in the years ahead, especially when more of them make the switch to VR.

NetEnt has already revealed its plans for VR slots with Jack's World VR, which transports players to a fantasy world with a giant slot machine in it. This kind of game could easily be turned into a two-player experience, where the players stand next to each other and take it in turns to play.

Pokies have taken a long time to be considered social games, but times could be changing. There are several ways for people to bond over slots now, and this could increase in the future.


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