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How to Gamble Like a High Roller

From Roberts Belickis.
December 2020.

If the last time you looked into the mirror and saw a gambling whale stare back, you are that much closer to officially being a high roller. Although there is no single definition to the term, high rollers are generally experienced gamblers with no fear of losing bets and a massive bankroll.

They are known to revel in the swankiest of casinos and enjoy the most-coveted gambling status. Being a high roller has its perks, a few of which include flying to the casino in a private jet, a limousine for transport, a penthouse suite for the stay, and the finest dining and entertainment options.

The high roller lifestyle is found only at brick-and-mortar casinos and helps develop the property’s reputation. The trend is yet to catch up in the online gambling industry for the lack of human interaction. Keeping that in mind, casinos often offer additional perks to the high rollers like a selective list of bonuses, better playing conditions, higher deposit, and withdrawal limits, and negotiable comps to name a few.

High rollers are traditional players with the deepest pockets and a keen sense for the game they wish to play. However, to be officially labeled as a high roller one must place a lot of bets. But money isn’t the only prerequisite. To be a part of the high roller lifestyle one must go overboard on the style front, from tipping big to confidently arriving at a game.

How to Bet Like a High Roller?

A punter must place big wagers frequently to be eligible for the high roller status. The math is simple, the more money you leave behind in the casino, the better treatment you’ll receive on subsequent visits.

Take high roller slots for instance. While all slots are created equal, some tend to be more equal than the rest. Let us explain! While there are no differences in the rulebook, there are two fundamental differences between regular and high roller slots.

1. Their betting limits are a lot higher

2. Their payouts are beyond conventional limits.

Due to their heavy spending habits, high rollers will always be a part of the casino’s VIP club where they’re greeted with better service and other perks. This brings us to the perks of betting like a high roller.

What are the Perks of Betting Like a High Roller?

If you think that you play at the best online casino, then it must have a tailor-made range of offers exclusively for the high rollers. These include everything from cashback programs to frequent deposit bonuses, greater loyalty points, birthday and anniversary bonuses, and special entry perks to name a few.

High rollers also get special access during holidays and exclusive events, like trips to red-carpet events, land-based casinos, movie premiers, and more. Faster deposits and withdrawals are the highlight. High rollers will often have dedicated high-limit hostesses assigned to them, and their sole task is to take care of the VIP’s needs when gaming.


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