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Popular Blackjack Casino Game Variations

From Steve Johnson
February 2020

Blackjack is a popular online casino table game. This game is interesting as it keeps players on their edge. It is a game of skill so it needs a lot of focus. Because it challenges most players to find the game interesting and fun. However, in case, you want to try out this top online casino game. There are several types you can try out. You may not be good at one but you will be surprised to realize you are good at other types. To find out more about different Variants of this online casino game, read on.

European Blackjack

This version is played with two decks of cards and it is one of the best variants. Players are dealt two cards face up. The dealer gets one face-up card and is not dealt his face down card is known as the hole until the player has made a decision on how he will play his cards.

Classic Blackjack

The classic or traditional blackjack is the type that is mostly played and mostly found at online casinos. This game can be played with 1-8 decks. Both the player and the dealer are dealt two cards each with one card face down for the dealer. If your card total is equal to 21 and does not exceed that number. Also, your total should be higher than the dealer's to be considered a winner. If your total is over 21 you will lose.

Progressive Blackjack

For a chance to win big this is the game to go for. It is just like regular blackjack. The only difference is that this game allows you to win the increasing jackpot just like at the best sports betting sites online.

Spanish 21

This type of blackjack is played with 6 or 8 deck cards. All the 10 value cards are excluded from the game therefore they will be removed. This means that the game will not be played with 52 cards but rather 48 which in the end increases the house edge.

Other Types Of Blackjack

Live Blackjack

Super Fun 21

Vegas strip blackjack

Blackjack switch

Atlantic city blackjack


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