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Spreadex Interview - Financial Spread Gambling

From Tali Haim.
June 2019.

Did you know that gambling today is more popular than ever before? In fact, studies suggest that the online gambling industry itself might be worth nearly $75 billion by 2024 - and that's just part of the story...

There are hundreds of companies that are popping up, including Spreadex. In a recent Spreadex interview with the MD of the Company, Jonathan Hufford, we knew what we can expect from them. Here is all the information about Spreadex and Spread betting.

What is Spreadex?

Spreadex is a company which is involved in sports and financial spreading. The Financial Services Authority regulates it in the UK. The company was founded in 2000 by Jonathan Hufford. It has grown to become a force to reckon with both in national and international sports. Although it is privately owned, the company has been able to improve its margins.

Which markets does Spreadex deal with?

Spreadex offers market capitalisation in the form of stocks. For instance, in the UK, the company provides stocks that are more than 7mil. However, it has grown its market capitalisation to other European markets and also the US. Some of the indices that are traded include interest rates, sports rates and currency rates futures. However, these indices are mostly bought in European countries and the US.

How does Spreadex advertise its services?

The Spreadex logo has become very popular in London. The red and black Spreadex logo can seem in elevators, taxis and buses; therefore, the company relies mostly on branding and digital advertising. According to the Financial Regulations, the company cannot advertise on TV. However, Spreadex has been trying to attract more customers to get involved more in fixed odds and spread betting. It is estimated that there are 2.25 million people in the UK who place a bet. Statistics show that spread betting customers are about 90,000, which is about 10% of the total betting activity in the country.

What are some of the challenges that Spreadex faces?

According to Hufford finding clients is quite challenging. This is because Spreadex deals in a very tiny niche and not many punters are interested in spread betting. Few individuals are looking to take the risk and be willing to lose or win multiple times.

Moreover, spread betting is considered riskier because the losses are open-ended. However, Spreadex has taken the initiative to educate people about spread betting. It is essential that people understand what they are getting themselves into when they get into spread betting.

Since the company was founded, Spreadex has been growing. In 2010 the company launched fully fixed odds betting service. It has also managed to introduce mobile apps where people can bet easier. The company also boasts of an online casino which features slots, table cards, video poker and live dealing. If you are interested in Spread betting, then the company' has everything that you need.

If you are looking to bet online and make some quick money, it's one great choice. No more need to visit the nearby casino anymore.


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