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How to find free online pokies

From Harry Green
October 2020

Believe it or not, free online slots are everywhere. Companies want to give you free bonus money for signing up and playing their online pokies. The easiest way to find free online pokies is to look for free bonuses and compare different pokies to one another as they all offer something a little bit different when it comes to bonuses.

There are different types of bonuses. For example, many pokies will offer bonuses just for signing up and other pokies will give you loyalty rewards. In this case, it would behoove you to stick with the same pokies for a long period of time so you can get those loyalty rewards for being a good customer.

Keep an eye out for "no deposit" bonuses and reload bonuses, and make sure you take advantage of all the different bonuses the pokies offer. You might be able to get bonuses just for adding more money to your account. There's nothing saying that you have to spend that money and you could end winning just on the free bonus that you get as a reward for adding money to your account.

Take Advantage of Free Bonus Money
Free spins are available for most people who are playing online pokies. In addition to the free signup bonus spins, be on the lookout for free bonuses for "no deposits." What this means is many pokies will not require you to deposit any money or pay anything upfront before you start playing. This means you could get ahead and actually win some money before you ever have to deposit anything out of your bank account.

Reload bonuses are another great option that some pokies offer. You can get free bonus spins just for reloading your account with some money. Look for pokies that will reward you for depositing money as it will make your money last longer and go further.

Cashback bonuses are a true gift. If you happen to run out of luck and lose all your money, some pokies actually have a cashback bonus to give you some of your money back. Be on the lookout for these as they will make you feel a little better about running out of luck.

The Best Option could be Right Under your Nose
If you have been playing online pokies for a while, you might find one of your old favorites will actually give you the most free money. Many pokies give out free money as loyalty rewards to customers who have been playing for a while. Consider all the different kinds of loyalty bonuses that might be available to you.

The loyalty bonus is arguably the best bonus since it is given as a reward. There is less luck involved. Sign up and stay loyal to pokies that you know will give you loyalty rewards for your persistence. This makes it more like you are earning a bonus instead of relying on a free giveaway.

Another reward that you might be able to earn is a referral bonus. These are not all that common, but if you plan to recommend pokies to your friends you should look for the pokies that will give you some bonuses as a reward for recommending them to your friends. These bonuses can add up. Even if your friend only plays long enough to capture his free bonus for signing up, you could use your referral bonus to play a bunch of pokies.

Spend a Little
In general, the more you spend the more rewards and free bonuses you will get. I know that seems counter-intuitive, but it is the easiest way to make your money last. Look less for opportunities to play free pokies that don't involve spending any money and more about finding opportunities to play pokies that will allow you to stretch your money the furthest. Free pokies and free bonuses are a great way to get started in pokies, but to be successful over the long run you want to be able to play consistently while not paying in a lot of money.

Get to know your favorite pokies and stay on the lookout for good bonuses and you will find over time that you see your odds improving.


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