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Five popular gambling superstitions from around the world

From Madhan
July 2020

There is always room for superstitions although it's not everyone that subscribes to these beliefs. Are you superstitious? Keep your answer to yourself though as gambling comes with its share of superstitions.

A good number of folks do not pay attention to superstitions, however, some cultures harbor these beliefs and they have even come in handy for some folks when playing casino games in land-based casinos. It must also be said that superstitions have also found their way to online casinos. We'll be looking at some popular gambling superstitions from around the world. Let's take a look at these weird gambling beliefs below.

Do Not Count Money At The Table

Superstitious gamblers never engage in this act when they are at a table. They never count money at a table when they are playing casino games and this is a norm amongst card players. Some punters swear that it brings bad luck while others see it as being extremely rude and unprofessional. Regardless, they frown at it.

Do You Look Away Or Not?

A good number of players believe that looking away or leaving the gambling table when a game is in play can result in a winning combo while some believe that hiding the screen while the game is still on will bring good luck. Meanwhile, some never look away as they fear that even a second's glance away from the game might bring bad luck.

Does Crossing Legs And Crossing Fingers Count?

Then comes this one! The belief says that crossing your legs at the gambling table will cancel any form of good luck that would have come your way. Meanwhile, crossing your fingers whilst playing at land-based or online casinos will increase your chances of winning. If this superstition wows you, you can try it out at to prove its efficacy. I'd be looking forward to your feedback on if it worked out for you or not. This belief is a norm, regardless of the game being played.

Wear Red When You're Doubtful

This is one of the most popular superstitions and it emerged from Asia and points out that Red is a lucky color for gamblers. We can get more specific here. Chinese folks believe that Red is the color of prosperity and therefore brings good luck.

This belief causes superstitious gamblers to wear red shoes, red underwear, red trousers, or anything red to bring them luck when they visit a casino. They also do this often as they believe that it enhances their chances of winning. It has been found that some casinos in Macau have red rooms that are specifically designed to bring good luck.

This is funny though, as no casino would want their players getting lucky often.

The Main Casino Entrance Ritual

Some folks believe that walking through the front door of a brick-and-mortar casino brings bad luck.

This belief emerged when there was a big lion at the MGM Grand Casino entrance, and this forcing players to walk through the jaw of the animal as they entered the gaming floor. This was scary at the time and even after the entrance was changed, folks still use side doors to gain entrance.



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