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Is there really such a thing as a Slots Strategy?

From John Greenwood
July 2020

Source: Pexels

Some casino games have a certain element of skill to them. Poker and blackjack, for instance, are games in which those with knowledge and understanding can prevail. When it comes to games which are purely based on chance, though, most would agree that pokies fall into this category definitively. So how can players profess to have a strategy when playing the games? There are a few methods which may help people find more success when spinning the reels.

Bankroll Management

Slot game players have no way of manipulating the reels or affecting what is going to happen, and they can't make decisions based on past experience or tactics. They simply press the button and watch the reels spin until the symbols match. But there are certain factors that players are in control of, with the most important one being bankroll management. Having good control of how you spend your funds is a vital tool in life, with sites like providing tips on how to manage money correctly. One of the most common pieces of advice is to not spend beyond your means. The same rule applies to gambling. Wise players set aside a certain amount they allow themselves to play with. Once they have reached their limit for the week or month, they wait until the next paycheque arrives before crediting their online gambling accounts again. Players should also make sure that they are selecting affordable spins, rather than setting the game to the highest stake.

Frame of Mind

According to, a lot of the most successful players believe that being in the right frame of mind is one of the keys to getting lucky on the slots. Mark from Brisbane stresses the importance of only playing the game when in a good mood. This makes it easier to walk away when things are going well or badly. With many games of chance, players can often be affected by what is known as tilt. When suffering from a bad loss, tilted players will angrily try to win their money back in a less than optimal way. On slots, this may come in the form of upping the stake past what was decided when setting the bankroll. If players are in a good mood, it gives them a better chance of dealing with these negative emotions and simply stepping away from the game when things turn sour.

Return to Player

By reading the specifications of a game, players can give themselves a slight advantage. One thing that expert slot players look out for is the game's RTP, which is the setting at which it has to pay out to players. This is usually programmed at around 96 percent, but it does fluctuate. Therefore, a game with a higher RTP is more likely to yield results. Professionals also advise asking the online casino whether a game is running hot or cold. If it's hot, this is the best time to play. Pokies are appealing because of the uncertainty around them, and the thrills that come when the reels match the symbols. Players don't play them for a chance to use tactics. In terms of strategy, a slight advantage can be gained by sticking to some simple ground rules.

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