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Why you should play online pokies: the battle against the slot machine

From M Umair.
January 2020.

Look, we see the appeal of real casino slots, okay? There is a certain excitement and, dare we say, glamor attached to pulling down the lever and waiting on the possibility of hearing a dozen coins rush out through the slot machine.

However, while there's a lot to be enjoyed in old-school slot machine playing, the landscape is changing and the virtual scheme is making its case for gamblers everywhere now too. When you play online, you get to choose which site to participate in and quickly leave it if you don't like the experience. With brick and mortar casinos, you won't be able to enjoy much of this luxury nor privacy while playing.

Want to learn more about why online pokies are a worthy opponent against land-based slot machines? We've listed some pretty compelling reasons on why you should try your hand at online pokies.

1. Online pokies are actually more honest

The thing about brick and mortar casinos is that you'll be hard-wired in proving whether it has been rigged or not. True, there are casinos out there who are honest--but these are simply far and few between. We're not saying that all casinos "fix" their slot machines, of course, but there's a higher chance of this happening than when you play online.

You see with online pokies, you can rest assured that the numbers are generated at random. The way these pokies are configured is quite straightforward and is often subject to a series of verification that nullifies any initial "fixing" that it might have gotten from their developers.

Many online geniuses have verified the integrity of these virtual pokies, allowing us to breathe a sigh of relief with every verification. And it's not just in rigging the game that honesty plays a part in too. The payout is one such area that requires full honesty, and online pokies simply pay more than rigged casino slot machines.

2. Online pokies offer bigger jackpots

Go ahead and take a tour around the online pokies landscape--wouldn't you agree that they offer bigger jackpot prizes than those in land-based casinos? We think so too, and the prize might continue to rise as more and more people join the community of online pokies players.

How much can you win in an online pokies jackpot, exactly? We're looking at a whopping amount of about 10 million dollars! And we're not just talking virtual coins or some other amount - we're talking about actual cash here and it matters.

The possibility of winning 10 million dollars without leaving the comforts of our homes? It sounds like a dream come true, if you ask us.

3. You can play virtually anytime and anywhere

Want to know how else online pokies trumps land-based casino games? With online pokies, you can try your luck at the jackpot just about anywhere you are. You might be at home in your pajamas, in bed on a late Tuesday evening, while on your commute on a dreary Monday morning - you get the gist.

Online pokies give you freedom to access it, and it's completely changing the gambling scene. Just as with anything in today's virtual age, online gambling has become so convenient and still manages to be engaging too. Now that's a win for the genius of developers, you better believe it.

4. You can stretch out your dollar in online pokies

An afternoon in the casino can easily wipe out your bank account and leave you bankrupt. However, what's great about online pokies is that you won't have to be in large amounts of debts after you've played it. All you need is to make the right decision of placing a betting limit at the start of the game, and your finances should be safe enough once the excitement of betting kicks in.

All you have to do is to provide a range on the amount of money that you want to use for the day, and that will serve as a limit to your betting capabilities.

5. You get to enjoy bonuses

This one is probably our favorite reason: no deposit pokies bonuses. Without needing to make a deposit, you can easily claim your bonus rounds and free spins without betting any amount yet. If you're smart enough about this, you can easily go through every betting website that offers free pokies bonuses and maximize your free spinning chances.

In land-based casinos, you'll be hard-pressed to find a slot machine that will allow you to go through a few rounds of pulling the lever without paying. But in online pokies, most sites will offer to give you free spins and bonuses without any problem.

Now just imagine if you hit it big during these free spins - doesn't that sound like a great way to kickstart your online pokies playing?

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