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Why do punters go crazy about Slots and online casino games?

From Bobby Sand.
March 2017.

Today, slot machines are leading bread and butter providers for online casinos. But they weren't this popular back then. A couple of decades back, casino games were restricted to just females and the elderly. Even the casino managers didn't take them too seriously as majority of their profits came from high roller craps, blackjack and roulettes. However, trends changed during the 1990s. With the advent of digital technologies, avid punters switched from brick-and-mortar casinos to virtual game rooms and powerful game developers dominated the industry. Now almost all online casinos offer lucrative bonuses and free spins to their players to lure them in.

Today, online slots and slot machines are hugely popular among gamers. Here are the reasons why.

1. Slots offer opaque odds, which make it more exciting.

Slots offer higher payoffs for each bet. Compared to other casino games, there are greater chances of hitting jackpots in slots because the odds are infinite. Live dealer rooms involve playing cards where the odds of getting a single card are 51 to 1. In the case of slots, your victory depends on the winning sequence-which is a combination of different fruits. Thus, you have no means of determining the probability of winning, as it depends on your luck.

This enhances anticipation among gamers, which drives them to test their luck in different rounds.

2. Slots involve progressive jackpots.

Progressive jackpot games are games wherein the prize amount grows with every spin of the reels. Slots entail three types of progressive rounds-standalone progressives, wide area progressives and standalone progressives.

• Standalone progressives work with individual machines.
• Local area progressives work in case of a closely knit network of casinos.
• Wide area progressives involve multiple companies.

Thus, online slots give you an access to different casino rooms.

3. Slots produce up to 85% of the total casino revenue.

It nearly took a decade for slot machines to generate revenue that was twice as much as all table games put together. However, by 2003, gambling websites were making 85% of the total casino revenue. It's because the odds of winning were roughly double that of winning the lottery and the players got instant results.



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