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The state of the Online Casino in Sweden

From Fredrik Thomson.
December 2016.

In Sweden the government has a piece in every gambling operator that operates within the country. The Lotteries Act (1994) Lotterilagen and The Casinos Act (1999) Kasinolag ensures that all gambling remains under the control of the Swedish state and its agencies. This means that currently there's a gambling monopoly in Sweden. And the market is strictly regulated. It doesn't matter how qualified or how big of a company you are. Gambling companies will not get licensed if the government isn't involved in the business.

The licensing gambling body in Sweden is called Lotteriinspektionen which is another agency controlled by the government. Over at in the about us section they write,

"The Swedish Gambling Authority is the authority which has been given the task of ensuring the legality, safety and reliability of the Swedish gaming and gambling market."

It would be illegal for Lotteriinspektionen to license a foreign online casino. So the idea to establish a casino business within Sweden is a very far-fetched idea.

Svenska Spel doesn't offer online casino

Svenska Spel is by far the biggest gambling operator in Sweden and it's 100 % owned by the government. But the odd thing about Svenska Spel is that they do not offer online casino. They have not permission to do so. Svenska Spel AB, the company that runs Svenska Spel, formed an application to start an online casino a few years ago but it's still being handled.

In order to play online casino in Sweden customers have to play on other sites. Even though it's illegal for online casino operators to run their business from Sweden, they can still offer their services to swedes as long as they are based in another country. And it's perfectly legal for a consumer to play on online casinos that operate from foreign countries.

A lot of issues with the monopoly One issue with the gambling monopoly in Sweden is that it's very ineffective. Since it's not stopping anyone from gambling on another site it makes little sense to keep it. Also, the critique regarding the gambling monopoly from the EU is getting louder. Many argue that Sweden is reluctant to let go of the monopoly because it is making the government so much money.


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