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A beginner's guide to online gambling

From George Webb
June 2016.

If you have recently made the leap from traditional to online gaming, you may find yourself a little overwhelmed by the scale and pace of the platform. If so, you are not alone, as the transition between traditional and virtual gambling platforms can be tricky to navigate even for experienced players.

The key is not to underestimate this transition, and prepare for it as you would with any other change or evolution. With the right attitude and an informed approach, you can transfer many of your skills online and quickly become a successful virtual player.

Three Steps to become a successful virtual player

In fact, there are steps that you can follow regardless of whether you are making this transition or have never gambled before in your life. With this in mind, here is our brief guide to tackling the online gambling market for the very first time.

1. Understand your preferred game



If you have frequently visited land-based casinos before, you will probably have a preferred game or discipline. Even if you are new to gambling, you will most likely have been drawn by a specific game that appeals to your skill-set, experience or underlying sense of adventure.

There are subtle differences between traditional casino games and their virtual iterations, however, with poker providing a relevant case in point. Online players cannot read body language or use their knowledge of psychology to inform their strategies, for example, so they must instead seek out other advantages that can afford them success.

Online players do have access to statistical data surrounding their rivals, however, which can be analysed to improve their chances of success. Ultimately, the key is to understand the differences between traditional and virtual games, before changing you style of play to suit a brand new platform.

2. Allow for New and different distractions

If you have ever been to a brick and mortar casino, you will probably be accustomed to the type of distractions that plague regular players. From an excess of alcohol to noise and social interaction, it can be difficult for serious gamblers to operate without issue.

While the same cannot be said for online casinos, there are other distractions and considerations for virtual players to make. The glare from their screen can cause headaches and impair decision making during longer gaming sessions, for example, while the distractions posed by everyday life can also disrupt your gameplay.

While some of these issues cannot be surmounted entirely, it is important to understand them in detail and make suitable allowances.

3. Choose the right platform and Bonus offer



On a final note, virtual players also have a number of platforms available to choose from. These offer different benefits to players. It is therefore important to choose a platform that includes your favourite games, while also paying attention to bonus offers available. New player promotions are particularly lucrative, so look out for the option that best suits your needs and offers the highest amount of 'free' gameplay.



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