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The Rules of Etiquette on the Roulette Table

From Viktor Nassermann
November 2015.

Playing Roulette

If you going to a real casino to play roulette, you should ensure that you are sufficiently well versed in the general rules.

But that is not all. The difference between online casinos and all real casino establishments is the unspoken code of behavior at the table during the game. If you don't want to make other customers and representatives of the administration looked askance at you, read the following guidelines and try to follow them, even if you play online pokies or other casino game you must follow the rules. Don't forget about it!

Basic Rules

• To start, keep in mind the general rules of decency. Rudeness, boorishness, and the like have no place at the table. Administration of reputable institutions does not allow such manifestations, even from the High Rollers.

During roulette play you cannot eat and drink. Spilled on the cloth cocktails stains from sauce, bread crumbs - all this contributes not a pleasant pastime for the game.

You cannot put big bags and other bulky items on the gaming table. Firstly, they interfere with the other players and the dealer. Secondly, the security requirements don't allow this (no one knows what can be stored inside).

Normally, the administration disapproves the use of various electronic devices on the table, although modern realities forced the leadership of gambling to be more loyal to perceive phones, smartphones, tablets and other gadgets.

Dress code in our days is not as severe as in past years, but do not forget that you going into the casino, and not on the beach or in the forest.

Being at the table is possible only on the positions set aside for customers. Do not attempt to enter from the side, where the dealers and his assistants.


During the game, watch the actions of the dealer. Do not rush to place bets until you are invited, and don't slip chips after the dealer have closed the bids.

When the dealer put in the winning number "Dolly" (marker), touching the chips on the table is strictly prohibited.

Do not throw the chips on the betting cloth. Place them carefully, so you won't disturb other players.

Remember that some types of bets are traditionally made via the dealer. Because they are called "oral".

The dealer is not required to take all of the "oral" bids, although, of course, he will try to do it. If there are too many players and they are all going to play by the neighbors or sectors, it is not physically possible to have enough time to serve all customers. In such cases, you need to wait or go for the less loaded table.

You need to warn dealer in advance that you want to make any manipulations with chips that require his intervention. Do not expect that he will change the chips during the roulette spin.

Although the betting system will not help the client to win at roulette, in some casinos treat them with prejudice. Therefore, we advise you not to advertise their intention to follow some of these procedures.

The interaction with the staff and customers

Check with the representatives of the administration, what tip system they use. In some establishments, this practice is not encouraged at all, while in others it is considered impolite not to repay the dealer. However, all this is at your discretion.

Do not bother other players with advice, even if you think they are totally wrong act. In general, casinos are advised to be extremely careful with the recommendations, even if you are asked. You do not want to be considered to be guilty in a someone's failure?

If the neighbor by table going somewhere, and you want to take his place, ask if he was going to come back soon.

Usually not forbidden to talk to the dealers, but on roulette they may be too busy to be distracted by a conversation with you. It is not necessary for them to be offended because of this.


If you follow the above tips, it is unlikely that the administration or the clients will have any claims to you. Do not hesitate to seek advice from the pit-boss if you have questions.

Remember, proper conduct and mutual politeness help to create a pleasant atmosphere in which you will be especially enjoyable to play.


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