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Top tips for new baccarat players

From Anna Taylor.
May 2018.

Baccarat is a card comparing casino game based on chance. Strategies will not help players, but there are some tips and good advice that could possibly swing a win in their favour.

Placing Baccarat Bets

When playing Baccarat the tie bets should be avoided. Almost all tie bets are not successful and the house edge is often really low in two out of every three bets. The banker house edge is around 1.06%, but for the player it is around 1.24%. With odds such as these there is an expected loss of 1.06 units out of every 100 units when the bet is made in favour of the banker and 1.24 units for every 100 units when betting on the player. With a tie bet the house edge increases considerably to as much as 14%. That would translate to a loss of 14 units out of every 100 units that is bet.

When placing a bet on the banker there is usually a commission of 5%, but when looking closely at banker bets the house edge is actually lower than player bets. Placing bets on the banker often result in more positive results. Because the banker bet is a better option players should take advantage of it and continue to place banker bets even if some losses are incurred. Players should note however that even if there is a winning streak it does not necessarily mean that the positive results will continue indefinitely. Players should carefully consider how much they bet as the house edge is still in force. If a player suffers a loss while betting on the banker it is advisable not to change their bet, but rather to see the outcome of the next round and then make an informed decision and place a bet accordingly.

Managing the Budget

Baccarat, like online Bingo, is a game of chance so players will have winning and losing streaks. Having a budget and managing the bankroll is very important when playing Baccarat or any casino game for that matter. It is a good idea to take a break after a certain amount of plays and then resume. If players have been lucky enough to win and want to continue playing they should divide their winnings and use half of their winnings and continue playing. By managing the bankroll players can enjoy playing for longer and have more fun without the stress of worrying about the finances.

If players have managed to win a significant amount of money a good tip is to try parlays. Players can often increase their odds to 3:1 and most times the returns can be higher than the risk.

Avoid Mini-Baccarat

New Baccarat players should avoid playing mini baccarat to start off with unless they have budgeted properly, as the game is played at a much faster pace but the house edge is sometimes higher than the traditional Baccarat. If players are playing mini-baccarat they should bet on the banker as this will increase their odds of winning. Baccarat can be a fun game and there is definitely the possibility of winning, but practice is the key. The best way to get to grips with how the game works is to play online for free. For new Baccarat players this option is an excellent way for them to hone their gaming skills. The free option is risk free as players do not need to make a deposit.

Baccarat has become increasingly popular especially since the advent of online casino gaming and many more players are trying their hand at this game.


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