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Online Casinos versus Land-Based

From Thomas Jones.
November 2015.

The online (or virtual) casinos of today are far more advanced than their predecessors, with games loading and pages opening quickly. Graphics, audio and video clips are obviously more advanced and promise to become even more so as technology advances in leaps and bounds.

There are a few differences between land-based and online casinos (besides the obvious one that one is played at home and one is not!) On this page we are going to take a look at some of them, which hopefully will help those of you who are interested by giving you more insight.

One of the main differences is that most of the online casino sites offer their customers odds and pay-out percentages that are a little higher than their land based counterparts.

Many of these sites publish what their pay-out percentages are so that you can see which site is offering the best deal at any one time.

Finding an online casino that suits you is incredibly important, and offers and bonus packages do differ, so you need to take a look about the internet to find on that suits your individual requirements. There are online sites that act as comparison sites for online casinos. These sites offer a varied range of casinos to choose from and can be worth their weight in gold, as obviously anything to do with your money and personal details can attract elements who are simply after your personal information for their own criminal benefit.

Other differences include the fact that in some games of chance where you would be sitting across from your opponent in a land-based casino, this does not happen when playing online, so any strategies that you may have will have to be customised to this change in circumstances. There are some sites that offer the most popular games from a real casino, taking place in real time and with a human dealer who you can interact with via the casinos own stream. In order to take part in these exciting games you must have a web cam.

There is no doubt that land-based casinos will have their place in our society, but as more and more people gain access to the internet online gambling is becoming greater and the sites that host these games become even more advanced, although we cannot see Las Vegas losing its popularity for stag and hen parties in favour of sitting about the prospective groom's or bride's tv!


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