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Different Ways to Bet on AFL Football

By Celia Roche
July 21st 2015.

Both photos courtesy of Christian Haugen.

In the southern hemisphere, Australian Rules Football is one of the most popular sports to place a bet on. The AFL excites the nation and by betting on a game it makes it even more interesting to follow.

Compared to other sports in Australia, AFL is the most lucrative in terms of sponsorship, TV rights and merchandise, while it also attracts the most number of bets. Here are some of the ways you can have a flutter on an Australian Rules Football game.

Match betting

The most obvious way to bet on Australian Rules Football is by selecting which team will win the game. The odds or your returns will vary depending on the two teams playing each other. If you are looking to back the side who is top of the AFL table against a team who is rooted to the bottom of the standings, your odds are not going to be great as the probability of them being successful will be high. However, in a lot of cases, the teams will be closely matched and therefore there will be very little between the prices.


To make a game more of an appealing betting event, in order to make it a fairer contest. For example, the team which is the favourite may have a -5.5 handicap, with the opposing team starting the game at 5.5. If you back the latter and they lose by five points, you would be a winner as the handicap would ensure your team won by 0.5.

In the handicap market, both sides tend to be the same price at just under even money.

Total Points

If you are finding it difficult to decide who you feel may win a particular game of Australian Rules Football, one of the alternative markets is Total Points. The game will have a mark where you will choose to go under or over that figure. Most people choose to go over in order to cheer for more goals when they are watching, however, sometimes it does pay to go under if you feel the mark has been set too high.


Also known as a double result, punters needs to state who they think will be winning at half-time and at full-time. In most cases, people will choose the same team as it offers them better odds than just selecting a side to win the match. However, if you are looking for very tasty odds, selecting one team to be winning at half time and their opponents at full time, you can accumulate some big potential returns.




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