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Hypocrisy on betting exchanges

A letter to OZmium's Director of Racing Services from a grass roots punter.

Hi Neil.

I'm writing in regards to the Betting Exchange situation.

I've seen some garbage in the paper recently but on Friday in The Daily Telegraph Business section there was a story about Tab Limited. Peter Kadar from the Tab was saying how the "parasites" (betting exchanges) were taking from the industry but putting nothing back into it. It was regarding a product fee for the racing product.

The question I would like to ask him is, "How much does theTAB hold on the following events; PGA Tour, Euro PGA, NBA, NHL, MLB, English Premier League, The 4 or 5 European Soccer Leagues, Soccer World Cup, EUFA Champions League, Ladies and Mens Tennis, Cricket, Local and Recent World Cup, NRL, AFL, Formula 1 and any big overseas horse race that the TAB takes bets on?"

I would then like to know if the TAB pays a product fee to the owners or organisations that run these competitions. If not, it is a fairly hypocritical statement he has made.

I can live with the ban on NSW residents not betting at the exchange on Australian Racing, I abide by that rule even though I would like it dropped. What I don't like is that faced with competition, they want to bar Australian residents from using these options for sports.

I personally use it for English horse racing and have just started to get to the stage where it is like a second job for me income wise. I can spend the night at home with my family while working (and it is work as I trade for 3-4 hours a night, as opposed to just having a bet for fun) on the exchange.

I dont see how the TAB has the right to stop me from doing this. The TAB should improve their products if they are worried. How people keep going to the TAB and betting on the handicap markets @ $1.85 amazes me.

What do you think the chances are of the exchanges being barred? Hopefully there are people putting up a fight on their behalf as all I seem to be seeing is negative stories. It seems incredible to me that they are trying to take freedom of choice off us.

I hope I haven't wasted too much of your time with this rant, but it is really starting to bug me.


Stephen Bozac.


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