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Smart gambler dies.

Hong Kong, Monday, 20-October 1997:

Robert Moore, the Hong Kong-based New Zealand professional bettor, one of the most successful gamblers in Hong Kong, has committed suicide.

Moore (44), a multi-millionaire who used a hi-tech computerised betting system, was found dead in his exclusive apartment overlooking Happy Valley racetrack on Hong Kong Island.

The former Aucklander was found dead in a chair by his 33-year-old wife Joane Chua, from whom he separated a year ago.

Police said there were no suspicious circumstances.

The flamboyant New Zealander won millions of dollars on horse racing in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Jockey Club froze his telephone betting account in February after it reached a $HK21 million limit ($NZ4.2 million).

A police spokesman said Moore's wife called at his apartment on Friday and Moore had told her he was depressed and was "going to sleep".

No suicide note was found.

Moore, who had to borrow money from a girlfriend seven years ago because he was broke, won $HK40 million off a race at Sha Tin race course last season.

He fought a battle with the Jockey Club after further phenomenal coups this year led to him being barred from wagering, a move unheard of in a betting-mad society that wagered $HK92 billion on horses last year.

Moore threatened to sue the club, accusing it of infringing his rights.

"I believe I'm the most successful punter in Hong Kong this season," he said at the time. "I've been here earning my living as a professional punter for the past six years."

He claimed its actions breached human rights and prevented him from freely earning a living.

Telephone betting was introduced to Hong Kong 10 years ago and a $HK21 million limit was written into its software. The club allowed Moore to open more than one account, another unprecedented move.

Moore announced in August he was quitting gambling and sought $HK5m for his formula but had no offers.


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