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Most popular sports to bet on during Halloween

From Ben Jardine
October 2020

The fright season is near, and what could be more frightening than to be missing out on some first-class sports betting action?! You needn't worry, as there are lots of sports events taking place during the week of Halloween. Some English Premier League matches are set to be played October 31st so you can expect a lot of hype as some of the most popular sports in the globe take place during Halloween.

English Premier League

By Halloween, we'll be around week 6 and 7 of the English Premier League (EPL). This is the post-warm-up phase, so the action should be heating up. For the teams that have already played several matches, this is where a winning streak can make or break the season. That can only bring good things to the punters.

There are three hot matches on Halloween in the current league. Both Manchester City and Chelsea have played several games. We are excited to see how Chelsea is going to get out of the no-score zone after last week's match. With the popularity of the EPL for people from around the world Betway created a roundup of all of the frightening festivals that can rival Halloween throughout the year, should ever stumble across the La Quema del Diablo in Guatemala, later this year!

Australian Football League

The AFL final weeks are usually right before Halloween, so the games get pretty explosive. Richmond took the trophy this year with a dominating match against Geelong.

You can start placing bets now for the 2021 league. The AFL may be planning a late start next season due to the ongoing health crisis. If this happens, punters would have more time for odds grab. Keep in mind that the odds are subject to change as we move closer to kick-off. Some bookies offer early bracket placement for those who like playing the long game.

Horse Racing

While horse racing may be more prevalent during summer, you can still catch the end-season races during Halloween week. The Moonee Valley, for example, hosts many great match-ups during October. If you bet now, you can still catch the last few races before Halloween.

National Rugby League

Rugby betting has always been popular among off-season punters. It's a viable side game option while monitoring other sports. The grand final this year was a devastating experience for Panthers' fans. They got taken by surprise in a 20 -26 match leaving many still wide-eyed. There were some high odds on that game.

Futures are open for placement now if you want to do some early bird picking. The starting odds are usually decent on most bookies. You may even notice slight adjustments on games of the 2020 finalists. It might be too soon for brackets, but the currently available games should last you a while.

Final Thoughts

Honourable mention: The National Premier League (NPL). Sometimes, the best action can be found right at home. Remember to catch the final games that usually happen during the Halloween season.

If you choose to bet on future games, make sure to keep an eye on the odds. Faraway matches are often volatile as team changes tend to occur during off-season. One of the best betting options is setting up your bracket as soon as games are available.


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