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Online Casino Selection - Avoid a Bum Hand

From Lisa Gambit.
February 2016.

If we're to be totally honest, the fact that there are literally thousands of online casinos up and running these days is both a blessing and a curse at the same time. Competition has never been a bad thing and being spoilt for choice is a privilege. But at the same time, deliberately misleading customers with all manner of fake offers and decidedly dodgy deals isn't just commonplace these days, it's the norm.

After all, these guys have got to do something to stand out from the crowd and get you to part with your hard-earned cash.

From the perspective of the gamer, this makes choosing an online casino pretty tricky. At least for those going about things by way of a trial and error process anyway. If on the other hand you're happy to do a little homework, avoiding a bum deal really isn't all that difficult.

Here's how to make it happen:

1/ Trusted Brands

First of all, brand pedigree doesn't necessarily guarantee outstanding gaming experience, but it certainly makes it more likely. If for example you choose to do business with the likes of, Paddy Power, Coral, Ladbrokes and Mr. Green, you're exponentially more likely to be provided with a solid experience than if you chose a brand you've never heard of. The biggest brands only tend to get big and stay big because they do things right…most of the time, anyway.

2/ Ignore Bonuses

Without exception, the bigger the bonus you are offered, the more ridiculous the terms and conditions attached. No offense, but if you are crazy enough to think that these guys are really in the habit of giving away thousands of pounds free of charge…well, good luck to you! In 99 out of every 100 instances, bonuses are not worth the virtual paper they aren't printed on. As such, the best advice is to disregard them altogether and instead focus on what else the casino has to offer.

3/ Use Reviews

Reviews can be enormously helpful when it comes to choosing a casino, but try to remember that the vast majority of review sites you come across may well be in cahoots with the casinos they are reviewing. That or the reviews are written on behalf of the casino by folk they've paid to do so. This is usually evident when you come across a review site when every review is suspiciously positive. Look for advice instead from sites like Casino Papa, where reviews tend to be much more honest and the writers aren't afraid of offending anyone.

4/ Test the Waters

Last but not least, it usually doesn't take long after getting started with an online casino to gain a comprehensive insight into whether or not it is worth bothering with. From software performance to the overall user experience to the number of games on offer and so on, these are all the kinds of things you should be looking to test before depositing a penny. As such, if the online casino in question doesn't allow you to test the waters without making a deposit, this most likely isn't a casino you should be entrusting with your business.


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