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How to Verify the Credentials of an Online Casino

From Roberts Belickis.
December 2020.

The online gambling industry doesnít have the cleanest reputation as even half-a-decade ago punters were asked to download questionable software teaming with malware while marketing was a little more than affiliate spam. It was the Wild West as you can imagine and thankfully thatís no longer the case.

However, a few websites still havenít got the memo and that is where the trouble lies. If youíre new to iGaming there are certain factors to consider before jumping on to the bandwagon, and the list includes analyzing the legitimacy of the casino, reading their Terms of Use, and analyzing if itís the right one for you.

And today, we want to provide you a number of details to check.

Top 5 Tips to Avoid Online Casino Scams

1. Look for Dedicated Customer Support Ė A genuine online casino will have a transparent and convenient gateway leading to its customer support staff. Itís a crucial part of the verification process. Enthusiastic punters are advised to keep a close watch on how a casino deals with its customers to analyze its credibility. The best way to test this is to send a message to the contact details. If the site fails to revert, you have your answer.

2. Run a Quick Search on Google Ė A simple Google search can answer a lot of questions. Try searching for the shortlisted casinos on Google and you should have your answer rather quickly. Review websites and forums are the best places to start your quest as these usually have genuine comments from users with the first-hand experience. However, one cannot be 100% sure simply by reading reviews as they arenít always unbiased opinions.

3. Check out their Gaming Portfolio Ė Verified casinos will have an entire list of the top games from leading manufacturers. Itís a great idea to begin by sifting through the games listed on the platform. Veteran gamblers will be familiar with the top games of the decade. Amateurs might need to cross-reference with Google to get past this step. Donít forget to search for a badge of legitimacy on the About Us page as verified casinos will get their games tested for fairness periodically and flaunt the badge of approval.

4. Verified Payment Methods Ė While wire transfer, debit, and credit cards are the norm, the highest-rated casinos will often go a step further to ensure maximum convenience for the patrons. A few common payment methods include eWallets, virtual Visa cards, cryptocurrencies, and mobile payments to name a few. While not all casinos will accept every payment method listed above, youíll find a majority of them being used across reputed casinos.

5. Look Out for Bonus and Promotions Ė Online casino bonuses and promotions can often be a golden trap. Therefore, donít forget to check out the casinoís wagering requirements before signing up. If a casino is offering unbelievably high joining bonuses or excessive wagering limits, chances are youíve stumbled upon a scam. However, that is not a thumb rule as some operators might offer limited-period deals to grab attention. So, make sure to analyze the facts before jumping to a conclusion.


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