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Gamble smart: How to play online pokies in Australia guide

From Pokieslab
May 2020

When it comes to playing games for money, there are often techniques and skills that need to be honed before becoming regularly successful. There are many online pokies to play in Australia, and you can find the best online pokies of Australia reviews that provide reviews and strategies. Most pokies games offer free spins and the chance to win real money. Just like the pokies in New Zealand, they also offer a sign-up bonus, no download, no registration, and instant play options. Here are some of the ways to become a smart gambler and put these tactics into practice.

Online Pokies Explained: How Smart Gambling Works

To understand how smart gambling works, the knowledge of psychology behind your decision processes is required. There was research conducted in the late 90s that sheds some light on your mood, and what decisions are made.

Research as the Columbia and NYU tested students who had been given a story designed to make them feel either sad, neutral, or anxious. They then had them choose two gambling options, one with 60% odds of winning and one with 30% odds. They discovered that those who felt anxious chose the less likely to choose the riskier option, with the sad ones more likely to take the risk. It means a sad mood might take higher risks than you might be comfortable with at other times.

Apart from your mood, other things can be done to make gambling smarter:

    • Set a Daily Loss Limit. Set a daily limit of how much can be lost, and stick to it. It can be hard to do, but it will help not to spend extra money.
    • Quit While You're Ahead. It can be done by setting a win limit of say $100. If you get ahead by that amount, then stop playing. You will then feel of being a real winner. Do not risk giving it all back to the house.
    • Calculate Average Loss. Look at the betting amounts of the house and the RTP (Return to Player) percentage and work out how much on average you stand to lose. It will give an idea of where you are each day.
    • Use Strategy. There will be best strategies for whatever game is being played, try to find out those strategies, and stick to them. You will then have a good chance of playing well.
    • Place Small Bets and Play Slowly. The more bets each time means the faster play and more spent money. Try to keep slow pace and bet smaller amounts to make money last longer.
    • Get a Player's Card. Most land-based casinos will offer a player's card that can have some good deals. They are free, and if you are also gambling there, additional benefits can be gotten.

Highlight the Gamble Feature in Online Pokies

The gamble feature has been on land-based slot machines for many years, and it is now showing up on online slots as well. It is otherwise known as Risiko Game, Double Up, Head or Coin, or Head or Tail, depending on the game, which is played. How does the Gamble feature work exactly?

    • It Is Not Compulsory. Although there are some features in slots that have to be used in a game, the gamble feature is the player's choice.
    • Have a 50/50 Chance. The odds of winning on the gamble feature are 50%, which makes this feature hard to predict.
    • Double Your Bet. With the gamble feature, you get the chance to double original bet with a win, but if not, then winnings are lost.
    • There are Many Versions. The gamble feature varies depending on the game, which is being played. It can be a coin flip, choosing red or black cards, higher or lower, or a risk ladder.

The Dos & Don'ts of Online Pokies

Playing pokies online has become a convenient way of gambling and spending time playing your favorite games. However, there are a few things to remember before the start of the game. Here is a beginner's guide to playing online pokies.

    1. Choose the game to play and open it on the device. Most online games now work on mobile devices as well as laptops and PCs.
    2. Look at the paytable of the game, and this will show what each symbol and combination of symbols are worth. You will then be able to see which ones are needed.
    3. Choose the bet. There will be a varying number of paylines depending on the game chosen. Select as many as you want. Click the 'max bet' button to select them all.
    4. Click 'spin', and the game will spin the reels. If you win, your winnings will be displayed, and the chance to gamble to win higher prizes will be received.
    5. Carry on playing for as long as you wish, but remember to stay within your budget.
Other things that should be remembered:
    • Take Advantage of No Deposit Bonuses. Many casinos will give money for signing up, which can be a great way to get started. After winning big, however, it will be required to deposit cash out.
    • Research the Casinos. Don't merely go for the first casino on the search results, do some research, and see which have the best reviews and the best bonuses for joining.
    • Look For The Best Payout. What used to be called 'loose slots' when the machines were mechanical, you want to find the game that pays out the most often. The winnings might not be high, but it will add up if you are successful.

Do's & Don'ts

Do's Don'ts
DO Prepare to Lose. It is important to remember that there is always a chance to lose, no matter how good you are at playing the game. It will make coping with losing much easier and make the game more enjoyable. DON'T Chase Losses. One of the biggest mistakes of gambling is chasing losses. It involves betting larger amounts to get back what has been lost. Not only is this often futile, but it also makes you spend more than was intended.
DO Fix a Budget. One of the most important things to do is to set yourself a daily bet limit and stick to it. It will help to stay within your means and stop losing too much money. DON'T Spend More Than You Can Afford. It might seem like an obvious thing to do, but it can easily be overlooked. Always set yourself a budget and stick to it.
DO Bet Wisely. Along with sticking to a budget, it is important to bet wisely. If you have $500 and bet $100 per play, then money could run out fairly soon. However, while betting $10 per spin, money will go further and have more chances to win. DON'T Play Without Knowing The Rules. As with any game being played, it is important always to know the rules before the start. Not only will this help to lose less money, but it will also make the game more enjoyable.
DO Keep Records. Keeping records of gambling is a great way to see where you are losing the most, and which games are the best to play. Records are especially important for being a professional. DON'T Gamble When Drunk or Upset. Anything that can cause you to not be thinking clearly can be a big problem when gambling. Be aware of what is being spent and be in the right frame of mind.
DO Keep Learning. The more the games which are played are learned, the more you will improve as a player, and there will be more chances of being successful.  

To play smart in online pokies, be aware of these dos and don'ts, and make sure to keep up on your game knowledge.

How to Minimize the Risks of Playing Online Pokies

As with any form of gambling, there are risks involved. However, if you are good at researching the games and can analyze the way the games play, try to minimize the risks. Here are some of the ways to reduce the risks when playing Australian slots.

    1. Choose Good Casino. Many good online casinos out there offer bonuses for signing up. However, some are not worth joining, so research them first to find the best one.
    2. Don't Overspend. As mentioned before, it is vital not to spend more money than you have. Otherwise, it can lead to many problems later on. Create a daily spend budget and stick to it.
    3. Pick Games You Know. Choosing a game knowing how to play is far better than one you have just started. Many games have a free play option, so it is possible to become familiar with it before to start spending any money.
    4. Play Slowly. Take your time to play the game and enjoy the experience. If to play too quickly, your budget will run out before to have a chance to win anything. It also makes you more likely to overspend.
    5. Check Out Promotions. Most casinos will have promotions that they will offer new customers. These promotions can take the form of free spins, a no deposit bonus, or other incentives.
    6. Check The Security. If you are going to be playing for money, then ensure not to use a casino that has a secure way of taking deposits and paying out winnings. Use a separate card for your gambling so that your main account is not compromised if there is a security issue.

Tips & Tricks on Becoming a Smart Gambler

Based on what we have learned in this article, what must a smart gambler be to get the most out of playing?
    • Skill. There is a fair amount of skill involved. Trust this skill and allow yourself the discipline you need to play in the right way. Do not play while being not able to control your emotional state.
    • Learn When to Stop. Learn how to stop being at your budget limit and resist the urge to carry on even if you think your luck is turning. It will save money in the end and make you a better professional.
    • Play For Fun. Playing slots or any game has to be fun in the first instance. If you are not enjoying what is being played, then there is little to be gained from it.
    • Talk About Your Hobby. When someone stops talking about their gambling, it can be a sign that something is wrong. It can be useful to talk through issues you are having and not to let things stay inside.

What Other Mistakes Should be considered?

Always operate a safe system of finances while going out to gamble. Only take the credit cards which are used, leave the others at home so as not to be tempted to use them.

    1. If not to set yourself a budget for the evening, there is a risk of losing more money than you intended. It can lead to many financial difficulties later.
    2. It can be easy to lose track of time while playing, especially if you are doing well. Always ensure to keep an eye on the time.
    3. Knowing what the rules of the game you are playing are vital. If not to read them before the start, there is a chance to end up unintentionally breaking them.
    4. Do not assume that some games are "hot" and that you should stay on them. Games are designed to operate randomly, so you may end up losing money if you stay.

Gambling smart is essential to be successful and understand how the slots will work. Preparation is a vital part of gambling smart, always research your casinos and the games you want to play. Check the RTP and bet amounts before picking one. Looking after your money is also a big factor set yourself a budget that you stick to no matter what happens. If to follow the guidance in this article, there is a high chance of becoming a smarter gambler.


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