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What is Linux?

From Anna Taylor.
August 2018.

You might not know this but Linux is broadly used in our daily lives; our cars, phones, home appliances and more. Linux is an operating system just like Windows and Mac OS, which manages operations between your laptop or computer's hardware and software.

Linux, however is completely cloud based. If you have been faced with endless viruses, corrupted software, hanging and constant reboots you will love what Linux has to offer its users. A look at how to get the best and sleekest operating systems available for Linux users is elaborated below.

Why opt for Linux?

Linux is an open source cloud based operating system which does not only offers a reliable robust system but also is completely free for users across the globe. Only some server downloads will ask users a fee. To get the system up and running on your device is however free.

Managing and monitoring servers was a tedious task for administrators but if you opt for Linux babysitting is no longer required.

But Linux is not just for super users; Linux is widely used for desktop use. Viruses, malware issues and reboots are a thing of the past. If the fact that it is completely free didn't get your attention the latter should have.

Advantage of freeware

Because Linux is open source the user has the right to use Linux for any purpose and change it to suit your needs. Not only are you free to redistribute copies of your revamped versions; because its users constantly upgrade and better Linux, chances are you are getting the best tailor made Operating System on the market that can be copied on any number of computers, copied to disc or USB and completely legal and free of charge. This means you don't have to win big while enjoying a bit of Australian sports betting in order to benefit from the system, and can keep your hard earned money for other things.

Flavours of Linux

Linux offers a variety of distributions called flavours, which acts in its own right on your computer or server.

Choosing the correct flavour of Linux comes down to your expected experience and use of the product, whether you are using its operating systems for desktop or server use.

Here are some helpful tips on making sure you get the most out of Linux.

For desktop use:

Ubuntu Unity






Deepin Desktop

Prospective users are encouraged to research each individual flavour to ensure the best experience.

For server use the following flavours have made their mark:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Ubuntu Server


SUSE Enterprise Linux

Note that not all of the server distributions are free of charge.

Still need convincing?

Deciding on your tailor made product depends on the user's computer skills, whether the user enjoys a modern or standard desktop interface and whether it is used for desktop or server purposes.

Whatever your need, Linux is sure to provide a reliable interface offering a unique hassle free solution. Linux is the most widely used operating system. Being community developed and freely distributed Linux offers a safe reliable and secure cross platform operating system that will not leave you hanging.


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