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Four horse racing betting tips

By Matt Booth
October 2020

Watching a horse race can be a thrilling experience. The excitement of the contest and seeing a brilliant performance from a horse and jockey provides a great amount of entertainment even without betting on the outcome.

However, a wager can add that extra little bit of spice to the occasion. But what do you do if you are not familiar with the sport? Follow our top tips below to ensure you're well informed before taking the plunge on a punt.

Use a small stake

To begin with, you do not want to be putting down vast sums of money if you're a novice and even if you are an experienced bettor - only put down an amount you're able to comfortably afford. Using a small stake will give you the chance to just get the feel of betting while you're still getting to grips with the theory. The gains, if at all, are likely to be small, but it's better to understand the basics and the principals of betting before thinking about going big. This way, you have a foundation and greater confidence in your choices.

Watch the sport

You might be a casual of racing or you might even be a novice. There are two types of racing - flat and jumps - therefore it's wise to get yourself familiar with the differences before delving into a bet online or at the bookmakers. It will help you understand the feel and the tone of races - and just how unpredictable they can sometimes be. Even the great horses and jockeys can have bad days. Watching will also prepare you for how conditions can alter a race. A rainy day can be a great equaliser by altering the conditions underfoot. These are little nuances that can make all the difference.

Study the form guide

The form guide will not tell you everything about a horse, but it does give you a strong impression of how it has fared in its recent races. There is a lot to unpack regarding form as the horse may have been working its way back from injury or building up speed. Certain trainers like to test their charges at higher levels and greater distances before settling on a certain range and standard of competition. Read everything you can - and there are great resources online to get the full picture of a race before you place a bet such as this one on the Melbourne Cup in 2019.

Find the best value

Prices can change before the build-up to a race so it's also worth tracking the horse racing betting odds right until the last moment. A favourite could see their odds tumble because of a comment by the owner or trainer. Conditions as previously mentioned play a significant role. A particular horse might not be comfortable if the ground is soft - which will be seized upon by the bookies. They rarely make mistakes so make sure that you limit yours. These are four simple tips for betting on horse racing. As you become more experienced you will develop confidence and your own routines. However, it's wise never to drift from these fundamentals.



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