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How to use bonus codes for online casinos

From Jimmy Hartill
January 2018

Let's face it: bonus codes are awesome. And usually, they are the first port of call for any savvy internet gambler. There's nothing more satisfying than being in the cashier, entering a bonus code and watching a nice big sum of extra bonus cash appear in your account. It sounds so simple - and nine times out of ten, it usually is (especially with bgo casino bonus codes.) But if you're new to the online casino scene, you may need some help getting started. Here's a few things you need to look out for:

How to find a bonus code

Bonus codes can be found in a number of different places. The most common place however is a lot closer to home than you might think: in your emails and text messages! When you sign up to any casino site, you will be asked permission to receive communications from the casino. Usually, these communications are via email or text, but occasionally, they will send postal offers as well. You can also pick your preferred communication channels for your convenience.

If you do give permission for the site to contact you, then expect regular offers to be sent your way - including those delicious bonus codes. The beauty of email and text communication is that you can opt out at any time; you just have to click on an unsubscribe button or send an opt out text. And if you want to receive emails again, you can usually activate this in your account area.

Another way to find codes is to check the casino's promotional page. This is also the quickest way to see what kind of offers you can expect at the site on a regular basis. Keep in mind that not all casinos list their promotions - and some actually require registration before letting you access offers at all.

Finally, there's the classic internet search, which gives you the freedom to shop around - which is always handy, especially if searching for the best offer on bonus codes Unfortunately, finding a bonus code this way does have its issues - namely visiting spammy websites that will happily shower you with advertisements. You may also find that their offers aren't actually different to what you would find visiting the site directly… and can sometimes be worse.

What to do with your bonus code

So, all your detective work has paid off and you have a juicy bonus prime for the claiming. What now? First of all, you will want to sign up to the site in question and create an account. While registering, you may have to enter the bonus code if it activates a registration bonus (things like no deposit free spins). But if you've got a deposit bonus, you are going to need to head into the cashier.

Once you have your account and have navigated your way to the cashier, you will need to enter how much you are depositing followed by your newly acquired bonus code. Then all you have to press is submit and voila - instant bonus for you to enjoy. With your bonus in your account, you can start to explore all of the gambling options available to you - and hopefully win something big!

Ways to use a casino bonus code

One of the most popular ways to leverage casino bonus codes is to use them to check out a site, especially in the case of a no deposit bonus. It's the ultimate try before you buy - you get to enjoy the games, check out the site in greater detail and may even win some real cash while you're there. Keep in mind however that these bonuses usually have some astronomical wagering, typically over fifty times the value of the bonus. Sure, wagering like this is achievable - but it's also not very fun and can be time consuming.

Promotional bonus codes on the other hand, like many of the bgo casino bonus codes, are used in tandem with unique events or seasonal promotions. And during these times, it's beneficial to take advantage of a site's generosity to see what you can win. You will find any wagering to be much fairer than with a no deposit bonus code. These promotional bonuses also present a good opportunity to extend the value of your deposit and squeeze out just a bit more value - and that's always a good thing in our books.

Now you're a bonus code expert, it's time to go out there and search for the latest and greatest bonus. Before you accept anything however, remember to always check the terms and conditions. Not all casino sites were created equal - and there are some pretty nasty wagering requirements to keep an eye out for. The beauty of online bonus codes is that there are always more round the corner... so shop away till your heart's content!


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