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Old or New Casinos 2018

From Kirmo Niemi
December 2017


Everyone knows that there's a generations cap going on. In the first 17 years of the 21st century alone, the world has changed very drastically. Our fathers and mothers used to live their childhood and youth in a very different atmosphere and environment. To be honest, many of us are probably kind of fed up with having to listen to stories about yesteryear how there were no computers, no video games, no mobile devices and no fun. Men used to be machine-like, muscular and without emotions. People were extremely responsible and didn't care about entertainment, as there barely was any. Nowadays we are just spoiled brats with no respect for the good old times. Of course, not every person above the age of 55 thinks like that, but probably every last one of us knows at least one of this kind of people who are against everything modern. Heck, even we sometimes feel like the world revolves around computers, social media and instant messaging a bit too much.

New casinos vs. Old casinos

The division between new casinos and old casinos might not be as steep as the one between the older generations and this generation, but there's still something there. A good guide for new casinos 2018 is which is a comparison site for internet casinos. The very first online casinos popped up in the mid-90's when the Internet had just been invented. Some of those casinos still exist, but we are not really talking about old casinos that have upgraded their services to modern standards—oh no. We are talking about casinos that have probably gone bankrupt already. We are talking about quality that has long since been surpassed. Next, we're going to list some stuff that's changed over the years.

  1. Tons of new games. The amount of great new games has gone up exponentially since even the beginning of 2010. There are simply a lot more game providers who are hell-bent on making the next best game. This is not that easy, however, as the standards tend to be very high nowadays. Coming up with a terrific new game can be exhausting both creatively and on the technical side of things. Games have to function to a tee—companies cannot put out just whatever, or no one will ever feature them at their online casinos.
  2. Rise of casino bonuses. As the competition has gotten a lot more fierce over the years, online casinos have had to pull out the big guns. No more do players feel privileged being able to play at online casinos—they know their worth and can take their money anywhere they want. It is now the online casinos that are desperately trying to get people to join them, which has lead to all kinds of cool new bonuses and welcome offers flooding the whole business. It truly is a fine time to be a gambler!
  3. Mobile casinos. You certainly couldn't have used your old Nokia phone to play at online casinos. The only thing you could play with those brick-like devices was that neat little snake game. These days, however, there are basically no limitations as mobile devices have really become your mini computers. Just about every slot that's being made nowadays will have full mobile functionality already at the time of release.
  4. Live casinos. Who would have ever thought that you could actually sit at home and still be able to see a live feed of a live dealer dealing cards, or a live host spinning the roulette wheel in front of you. It really is a crazy thing, and we can barely get over it even now!
There you have it folks—just a few things that have changed over the years! Online casino gaming has come a long way and become ultra cool and modern! Just go and have some fun now and feel free to marvel at how advanced things have gotten!


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