Popularity of online casino sites

Popularity of online casino sites

From Jennifer Lynn
September 2017.

Nowadays online casino sites are the first association of casino for many people. A report of the UK Gambling Commission from 2016 shows that online gaming accounts for a third of the total industry, but the trend is positive and it is clear that online casinos will gradually surpass land-based ones. The international online casino market is currently worth about $50 billion per year. And Internet Bingo Sites are not far behind.

Why Are Online Casinos so Popular?

That online casino sites are quite popular is very evident and obvious. The numbers and official statistics clearly point that out. There are currently over a thousand online casino sites, and at least few new ones are launched ever month. An excellent resource for bingo, slots and casinos site reviews is

It is obvious that online casino sites are very popular, the question is why? An even more important question is 'why are they becoming more popular than conventional ones'. Those are the questions that we aim to answer here.

Online Casino Sites Offer Convenience

The first reason has to do with time. Online casino sites will save you a lot of time, as you will be able to 'visit' the casino and start playing in a matter of seconds. Most of us don't actually have a casino next door and travelling to the nearest casino can take a lot of time. Moreover, online we have access to dozens or even hundreds of online casino sites. You could be playing slots at one casino at 10:00 and then start playing online Blackjack at another at 10:05.

It Is Cheaper and more Affordable to Play at an Online Casino

When you're playing at an online casino or bingo site your only expense is the money that you deposit into your account, and that's not really an expense. You can win and have more money in your account if you're lucky. Whereas if you're visiting a land-based casino you will have to pay for transport, if it is another city you'll need to pay for a hotel room, you might want to have a drink while you're there, and finally, if you win, you'll probably want to tip the dealer/croupier.

And if we look at another financial aspect, running an online casino site is a lot cheaper than running a land-based casino. That means that online casino operators might be inclined to offer larger incentives to their players. That way you'll have more chances of winning with less money at an online casino.

Online Casino Sites Improve Constantly

With the introduction of live casino games, online casino sites have breached the last obstacle. Some have criticised online casinos because they don't feel as real and as authentic as land-based casinos, but when you are playing live games, against an actual dealer/croupier in real time, there's essentially no difference.

Since online casino sites became mobile friendly, their popularity increased even further. These days more internet traffic comes from smartphones and tablets as opposed to desktop computers and laptops, which means that we can expect this trend to continue.


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