The Growth of Online Bingo Is Attributed To Easy Access

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How online Bingo has grown

From Craig Martin.
September 2017.

The game of bingo goes way back to Italy during the 16th century based on a lottery style game known as Lo Giuoco del Lotto D'Italia.

Bingo today is extremely popular and has become one of the most prevalent casino games in the world. During the 1930's a US toy salesman, Edwin Lowe formalised the game and ever since then bingo has exploded into one of the most played games.

Bingo is a very social game and was a great way for communities to get together and socialise. In 1960, the Betting and Gambling Act made bingo a commercial enterprise and during the 1970's and 80's bingo was a booming industry especially in the UK.

Bingo was mainly played by the older generation and during the 90's the popularity of the game decreased due to a lack of interest from the younger generation.

Over the past two decades bingo has come back to life mainly because of the Internet and the introduction of online casino games.

The bingo industry today yields millions each year and has millions of players across the world. Online casino gambling has also been instrumental in people going back to playing live bingo in bingo halls.

Convenience of Playing Online

The growth of bingo can be attributed to the fact that the Internet offers players the convenience of being able to access bingo games at any time of the day and anywhere in the world.

Bingo is now available to many more players and anyone can play if they have a PC, laptop or mobile device with an Internet connection.

The incredible growth of mobile gaming has also spurred on bingo's advancement, as it is now easier to access than ever before.

Benefits of Online Bingo

Playing bingo online is fair as a random number generator generates the winning numbers, so players need not worry about that aspect if they are playing at a well-established licensed online casino.

Players can make deposits and withdrawals while playing online and both are safe and secure and players no longer need to carry around cash with them.

Players are also eligible for online bonuses and promotions that are put in place to attract players. These are often very generous and have contributed to the growth of players who are signing up to play bingo online. Bonuses and promotions are a great way to increase cash on hand allowing players to play longer.

More Game Variety

Like real money slots games, online bingo has many more variations of the game available in the digital realm. Many of these games are based on the traditional version, but with a few differences or exciting twists. Bingo online also offers players a range of betting options.

The play for free option allows players to try out the different bingo variants without having to deposit real money. In this way players can try out different versions at various online casinos to find one that they enjoy.

Playing for free means that players can make an informed decision, which in turn means more bingo players playing online.

Online Bingo can still be Social

Bingo is a social game and always has been and with online bingo players may be concerned that this aspect will be lacking.

With modern technology players have access to chat rooms where they can chat and socialise with other bingo players. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter are also platforms that bingo players can use to connect.

Bingo has always been a fun and exciting casino game, and with the introduction of online bingo many more players around the world can now enjoy this game.


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