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Is a Tablet, Smartphone or PC the best device to gamble on?

From Tony Samboras.
June 2017.

We are in the golden era of technology and new devices are coming out at an exponential rate all the time. The gambling industry is one of the world leaders at keeping up to pace with the latest developments. At present, the main devices that gamblers love to bet on are tablets, smartphone, and PCs. In this article, I will look at the pros and cons of all the devices with regards to using them for gambling purposes.


PCs used to dominate the online gambling space but in recent years it has seen a decline. More and more players are using apps and smartphone to place their bets due to the convenience of these in comparison to having to log onto a computer to place bets. PCs casinos still offer the best experience in regards to gameplay, speed, and sound along with fantastic multiplayer options.

Microsoft used to be the dominant force in the industry but rivals have risen from the ashes and are now a serious threat to the world's largest operating system provider. Many games run on their own platforms bringing to life games in a way never seen before. If the trend continues of more players using apps and mobiles we could see an end to the PC as we know it once new technology comes out. For now, though it is still the best option if you want the best graphics, fast streaming, and great multiplayer options.


The casino smartphone industry is growing at a rapid pace and more players than ever before are playing games on their mobile devices. With thousands of new gambling apps released each year, there has never been a better choice for players. Using applications gives players instant access to their favorite games no matter where they as. The convenience factor is a major driving point and what makes using these devices one of the best to gamble with online.

The cons of using smartphones to gamble with are that the quality of the graphics is not as impressive as you will find on a PC or Tablet. Also, the processing speed is not as fast which can be a major problem such you want to play live casino games. Due to the processing power required to run these types of apps, it can take a lot of battery power which can be frustrating at times.


Tablets have taken off over recent years and brands such as the iPad have seen record growth and market share. It is the best device to gamble with as it offers the player the myriad opportunity to take advantage of all the advantages that both the other devices offer. As well as being convenient and mobile it offers far better graphics along with speed than a smartphone. You can choose to use an app or play online without the need to download any additional software. The only downside of tablets it that they cannot run multitask which means that only a single game can be played.


All the different forms of gambling such as sportsbook betting and casino games are available to play on any devices that are internet enabled. The type of device you use will greatly depend on your personal preferences. To find the best betting sites make sure you use CasinoGB the UKs online casino directory. You will find the best casinos in the world along with reviews, bonuses and more.


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