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How to Choose the Best Football Betting System

From Tony Samboras.
November 2016.

If there was a sure-fire way of beating the bookies when betting on football matches, the bookmakers would no longer exist. There are thousands of different systems online that promise you that you will make big profits by using their system. The truth of the matter though is it extremely difficult to make money betting on the outcome of games.

Only very small percentage makes money from betting on a football game on a consistent basis. It is one of the hardest sports to make predictions, especially in the Premier League due to the high competition. The punter who is successful makes bet in volume as they know that a high percentage of bets they make will not win. Their aim is to achieve a 50% of greater winning success rate with odds greater than even. It will make sure that they turn over a profit over the long-term.

Discipline Is the Key to Successful Football Betting

The average punter is not disciplined, which is their main downfall. It is easy to get carried away if you hit a hot streak of wins or try to recoup any losses when going through a bad run. Both of these are a guaranteed way of losing all of your money and must be avoided at all time. You need to have a football betting strategy in place and no matter the outcome of the games, it must be stuck to. If you do not then it is pointless having a strategy in place and going rogue will negate the benefits of the system.

Pre-Match Football Betting System

You can place bets well in advance of the game taking place and as the match gets closer you will find a small shift in the odds. On the day of the match, odds change a great deal and the favorites often get shorter odds available due to the volume of bets placed on them. If you back the team during the week before the match takes place you will gain an advantage over the others betting as your odds will be greater.

Keeping a Record of Your Bets Placed Along With the Outcome

Most punters only remember their wins and forget about their losses. Professional gamblers, however, keep a record of all the football bets they have placed. By keeping a full record of each of your bets you will need to list the total wagered along with returns and losses along with the games you bet on. Once you have gathered enough information you can analyze the areas where you are making profitable along with non-profitable bets. You can then use this information to improve areas of your betting strategy so that you maximize returns.


There are many football systems and strategies you can decide on using. Whichever one you choose to use, make sure that you take advantages of bookmaker's special offers and promotions. One of the best ways to do this is by using a Ladbrokes promo code which will give you free extra capital to bet with. Using these types of rewards is the easiest way to beat the bookies as long as you follow the above information.


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