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How to Maximise Your Profit Betting on Football

From Tony Samboras.
November 2016.

No one like losing when betting on football matches, especially if it is your own team that you have backed. Below we take a look at how you can maximize your profits and cut some of the risks involved when placing wagers on footy games.

Top Three Ways To Maximize Your Football Betting Profits

1. Use the latest football statistics along with the teams you're betting on.

2. Be an expert at least on one of the league's you're betting on.

3. Keep a monthly log of the bets you make.

The Team's Home & Away Form

One of the most important factors to take into consideration is a team's home and away form. In general around half of all matched played in the Premier League result in a win for the home team and a quarter in draws. The remaining result is away winning and this statistic is true for most leagues across the world. Backing the home team to win or draw gives you a great advantage of winning.

Do not just use one season's statistics when assessing a team's form for home and away matches. It is best to use the data from at least two seasons so it gives you a more accurate prediction. Cross reference the home and away teams form to help you calculate if the bet is worthwhile placing.

The Team's Recent Form

A popular football betting system is to use a team's recent form guide to make an assessment of the result. When a team is winning it builds up the players confidence and there is no better example than this than Leicester City last season. If a team is on a bad run and has not won away from home or like West Ham this season have struggled to adapt to their new stadium, it is worth backing the away side. Player confidence is a huge part of teams winning and if they are on a bad run, they will be lacking in this.

One factor to consider if you decide to use this football betting system is to stay away from mid-table teams. They are inconsistent and are able to pull off shock results which make them very hard to predict.

Key Player Injuries & Suspensions

A large number of key players are vital to their team's success and if they are missing for the game through either an injury or suspension it can greatly damage their chances of winning. Things such as the team's leading goal scorer, captain or leader of the defense are things you should look out for when betting on football games.

Teams Playing In European Competitions

One of the most common statistics to consider is if the teams you are betting on has played in midweek in the UEFA Europa League or have a big game coming up in the Champions League. The Premier League teams that take part in the UEFA Europa League have a dreadful record of winning their following match in the Premiership. Also if one of the big teams has a huge game in the Champions League they may choose to rest key players which will give the opposition a great chance of getting a shock result.

Use Your Betting Log

By creating a betting log and analyzing it, you will quickly find out where you are going wrong. Do you place too many bets on longshots, do you back the away team too often etc. Using this information you can alter your system to maximize your profits betting on football. It will also help you know if you are winning or losing money which is the most important part.

Football Betting Tips

One of the easiest way to beat football bookies is by using their own promotions against them. It is a very competitive world in sport betting worldwide so you can choose from a wide array of promos on offer from companies desperate to get your trade as a loyal customer. Make sure you visit and they will assist you to find the highest paying odds and promotions.


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