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How to Minimise The Risk for Football Handicap Betting

From Tony Samboras.
November 2016.

In the UK Football is by far the most watched and popular sport and it attracts bets from all over the world on the outcome of matches. If you visit a top gambling websites you will find hundreds of different options to choose from which if you are new to betting it can be very hard to understand the different available bets on offer. One of the most complicated options available is Handicap Betting, which we will take a closer look at below.

Handicap Betting Accumulators

One of the most overlooked football betting options is Handicap Accumulators. It allows punters to place money on a number of teams to win and the returns are impressive.

Handicap Vs. Match Odds Betting

When placing football bets with match odds betting multiples you can pick a large number of results and the odds are huge. In most cases one or more teams will not get the result you need to win and if you only bet on a couple of teams, the odds are far less. With Handicap betting this is not the case as with just a couple of the team results going your way if can offer very attractive returns. It is the best way to win and not using long match odds accumulators.

Team Selection

Using the Handicap football betting accumulator enables you to selection sides you are confident will get the results you need to win. Rather than getting match odds available for betting on a single game, you can get increased odds for taking a bigger risk. Handicap betting selections enable you to limit the matched that you place your wager on and the risks of using this football betting system are greater than match odd accumulators.

In-Play Handicap Football Betting

One of the most popular bets over recent years is the In-Play Handicap betting system. An example of this is if a side went 1 - 0 down, you can back them close to the odds offered at pre-match prices. The handicap resets the score to 0-0 in this case even though they have the advantage along with momentum. Using In-Play betting will also give you the chance to see how each team is playing so you can make a better-calculated guess on the game's result.

Minimizing Your Risks When Using Football Handicap Betting

One of the best and most highly recommended ways of reducing your risks when using Handicap betting is by searching for the best promotions and offers by the top bookmakers that offer this service. It means that and not gambling with all of your own money, the bookie will double or treble the amount out of their own pocket. There are hundreds of promos available due to the competitive nature and large profits that sportsbook betting sites makes. They are willing to offer you free cash to use their services in the hope that you will eventually become a loyal customer. Rather than just using one gambling websites, search the whole market to find the highest paying rewards and increase your profits ten fold.


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