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Top Ten Wins at Microgaming Casinos

From Mark Truman.
October 2016.


Microgaming is one of the most reputed and widely enjoyed game makers of today's casino industry. With millions of fans swearing loyalty to them and dedicated resource sites exploring their online casinos, the popularity of Microgaming seems nowhere nowhere close to waning.

One of the main reasons why Microgaming has remained a massively popular game maker for over a decade is that their games often come with colossal winnings. The fact that you can have literal record-breaking jackpots combined with incredible game designs is what keeps most players loyal to the brand.

Don't believe it? Just check out these top 10 Microgaming wins and you'll see just how generous their games can be.

#10 Deuces Wild - $120,857

First on this list is a win from one of Microgaming's oldest game design- the Deuces Wild Video Poker. This prize was won with a royal flush of diamonds on maximum bet size by an undisclosed player back in August 2011, which was enough to revive the interest of players in this fairly outdated game.

#9 Triple Sevens Blackjack - $123,451

The Triple Sevens Blackjack is a popular Microgaming game with a progressive side bet that can turn into a generous winning. To win the bet, you must get three sevens in the same hand. A tad unlikely, for sure, but not so much, as one undisclosed player found out in August 2016 when he won $123K on the bet.

#8 Mega Moolah (Major) - $139,580

The reason why so many love the Mega Moolah slot is because they have a chance of winning four different jackpots, each with its own prize pool. The Mega Moolah Major is the 2nd jackpot by size, which was more than enough for one lucky player who won nearly $140k in cash this October 2016, by playing this popular slot.

#7 Caribbean Stud Poker - $170.169

The Caribbean Stud Poker is a Microgaming poker game with a Progressive Cyberstud Poker side bet. To win the jackpot, you have to make the side bet and be dealt a royal flush in any suit. It was this exact combination that triggered one of Microgaming's biggest wins back in August 2014, giving one unknown player a great start of the week.

#6 Poker Ride - $324,166

Another Microgaming Poker win on this list, this notable cash prize went to one undisclosed player in April 2013 who was playing the Poker Ride game. And just like with other Microgaming poker games, this win was triggered by a royal flush on a progressive side bet.

#5 Treasure Nile - $360,506

There can be no talk of the biggest Microgaming wins without mentioning a number of slot games. Although not as famous as its other slot titles, this classic slot game brought one of the largest wins for the company back in December 2012, when it cashed out $360k. Yet, many still don't use it due to its outdated design.

#4 Roulette Royal - $440,353

Although there's been only one win in the past 6 years, Microgaming's Roulette Royale is still remembered as the game that brought one of the biggest Microgaming wins. To win the bet, one player had to make a side wager and wait for the same number five times in a row. But despite all odds, he walked away with nearly half a million in June 2015. Talk about luck, right?

#3 King Cashalot - $1,527,228

Another classic Microgaming game, King Cashalot has been behind a number of notable wins. But the most famous of all has to be the $1.5 million win an undisclosed player walked away with in August 2011, when his 9th payline struck gold by landing 5 King symbols.

#2 Major Millions - $1,801,517

Next to Mega Moolah, Major Millions is one of the highest paying Microgaming games in the company's history. This famous $1.8m win was hit in May 2012 by an undisclosed player who had the luck of landing three wild symbols on his third payline, and ever since players have been hooked to this iconic slot.

#1 Mega Moolah Mega - $20,062,600

And last on this list is, of course, Microgaming's record-breaking win of $20 million, which even swept a Guinness record from another famous game developer - NetEnt. The massive prize went to Jon Haywood from the UK, who triggered the jackpot in October 2015, giving Microgaming another massive boost in popularity.


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