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How to Make Money at Online Football Bookmakers

From Tony Samboras
September 2016.

There are no sure-fire ways to make money on a consistent basis at online football bookmakers but you can increase your chances of winning, Any system that guarantees profits 100% of the time does not exist. In this article, I will help you to gain an advantage over the bookies.

There are some ways that you can gain an advantage over online football bookmakers. Increasing your odds and limiting your risk is the key to becoming a professional gambler. 99% of gamblers rely on pure luck to try to beat the bookies, which is why they fail and the bookmaker makes a fortune. You should alway stick to a strategy, plan and budget. Keeping on track with these will enable you to turn a profit.

Pre-Match Betting Downfalls

The most common way to place bets is in advance of the match taking place. If you have done your homework and researched form, head to head records, away and home form etc. It will have helped increase your chances of a successful bet. The problem with this is that online footy bookmakers have millions at their disposal so the research they are able to carry out will be more extensive than you could ever produce. That gives them the advantage when betting against them this way.

Bookmakers have teams of expert professionals that they use along with the latest advanced software to make sure they have the odds correctly priced. Obviously, there are huge flaws in the system as Leicester City last season should not have been given 5,000/1 odds to win the league. Even so, they are correct more often than they are wrong which is how they produce profits from the multi-billion pound football gambling industry each year.

When betting before the match has kicked off you are at an unfair disadvantage as you do not know what the team selection is going to be. This is the key part of how they result is going to pan out and without it, you are gambling in the dark. That is why you should try to avoid betting in this way and instead use Inplay Betting. It will increase your chances of winning by allowing you to see firsthand the team playing before choosing the result to bet on.

Football Inplay Betting

If you have not tried Inplay Betting, I strongly recommend that you download the app and give it a go. It is the future of sports betting and give the punter the biggest advantage they had ever had over the online footy bookmakers. You can place bets over the ninety minutes on a whole range of bets. It is a lot easier predicting the result of a game when you are able to watch it firsthand.

Search For Online Promotions From The Best Football Bookmakers

One of the most important rules to follow if you want to make money from the best football bookmakers is by taking advantage of all the special promotions available. It is a hugely competitive marketplace and you can earn a fortune by joining sites to claim a massive welcome bonus. You can then use their own money against them and make sure you make a profit. If you have a particular bookie that you prefer to use, watch out for the matched bonuses as you can get up to 300% or more on the money you deposit.


Tony Samboras is an expert on sport and economic predictions. He is now writing for on betting sports articles.


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