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From Jonathan W
May 2013.

Blackjack and roulette are the statto's choices

If you love playing casino games online with a view to actually making it pay - then either roulette or blackjack are usually the smart statistician's choice, based on the chances of winning.

With blackjack, card counting can really help stack the odds in your favour. The most common versions forms of card counting are based statistics that demonstrate that high cards (aces, 10s and all picture cards) benefit the players more than the dealer. Low cards, on the other hand, and most notably the fours, five and sixes help the dealer while harming the players.

Therefore, a relatively high concentration of cards with a value of ten and cases in any deal increases the players' chances of hitting Blackjack, which pays out at 3:2 (unless, of course, the dealer also has a blackjack hand).

There is an enduring myth that card counters have an ability to count entire decks, or sometimes up to six decks of cards to benefit themselves. This myth was further popularised by the "Rain Man" movie in which Dustin Hoffman's character Raymond counts six decks, though card-counters in real life have been able to beat the house steadily.

Of course, such super-human ability wouldn't help in online versions anyway, as the deck is a new one each time and each card has a one in 52 chance of being dealt before the game starts. But blackjack is still the statistician's natural choice in online casinos as, though the odds are stacked 21-20 in the house's favour, the judgement element outweighs the statistical probabilities of winning versus other games. Roulette comes closest with just the zero giving the house its edge, but of course, there's no judgement element here.

Incidentally - if you ever read or hear about "statistically proven strategies to win at roulette" or similar nonsense that involves doubling up etc., please ignore it; no such thing can possibly exist in statistical reality. If you play long enough, you will gradually lose out according to the laws of probability due to the house edge.

Of course, the other way in which online casino players can firmly stack the odds in their favour to begin with is by taking full advantage of the ever increasingly generous introductory bonuses on offer - as well as the loyalty bonuses etc., or recommend a friend type offers. Then, by playing a steady system based on probable outcomes - the player really does have a statistically good chance of coming out ahead. But the best game to concentrate on then is blackjack - and it pays to follow a card-counting strategy based on probable outcomes. This may take some real self-discipline so it's always wise to set yourself rules and goals and not to veer from them. In particular, never, ever bet more than you can afford to lose - this is just a fun thing remember. But do choose the games with progressive jackpots as this makes the whole thing a lot more fun!


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